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  1. We repo'ed this issue and made some changes in the code which will prevent this issue in the future. Thank you!
  2. The log you've sent here shows that one of your partitions on a Physical drive #2 is marked as both HIDDEN and ACTIVE which is a serious red flag for anti-rootkit engine. That's why it throws the detection. But this is not all: the file system for this partition could not be determined for some reason so anti-rootkit engine considers this as a malicious partition and completely removes that. I spent a day experimenting with the latest version of the BootIt NG Bare Metal trying different options and I was unable to achieve such results when the partition was marked both HIDDEN and ACTIVE at the
  3. How did you make one volume hidden from another in Bare Metal?
  4. Hmm interesting. Could you please post a MBAR system-log to me?
  5. Just follow the instruction on a message box: If MBAR was able to start and haven't crashed afterward, just leave it alone.
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