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  1. Thanks. Looks like we are good. I'll do a final once-over in the morning and report back. Have a great night. Thanks again for your help. D
  2. Searching the "computer" I found a host of AVG-related results. I need to figure out which will either set it up properly or uninstall.
  3. The CMD action completed, and I was able to uninstall the rouge incidence of the PPT Viewer. I still cannot find any AVG program; searching for AVG brings up the txt files I've sent you, as well as AVG search. But nothing else. It's not listed as a program through the control panel. (It goes right from ATI to Bing) The laptop owner has a paid subscription to McAfee and I would have recommended Avast, because it doesn't have the confusing popup upsells that AVG does. Any thoughts on how to uninstall AVG? I tried to install a new version, but it won't let me until I uninstall the existing one, which I cannot find. Thanks.
  4. The original "Powerpoint viewer" program that was installed when the remote "tech support" folks "helped out" still remains. Perhaps it's now benign, Also, I can't find AVG software anywhere on this PC. THanks. Fixlog.txt 01262017daveupnorthexport.txt AdwCleaner[C0]DaveUpNorth.txt esetscanresultsDAveUpNorth.txt
  5. An 81-year-old relative responded to a "Microsoft Warning" pop-up and provided access to remote tech support. I've looked at the affected laptop and am not convinced it's safe for use. The oldest restore point is a week after tech support "fixed" the computer. A program titled "Microsoft Office Powerpoint Viewer" was installed when the tech support work was done; that program can't be removed, and when I click to open it, it takes me to what looks like the "My Computer" directory. The laptop is an ACER Aspire 5552-3691 with Windows 7 Home Premium, I believe. I downloaded and ran MBAM and no malware shows. I'm not convinced. Ideas? Help? Thanks so much.
  6. Thanks to your diligence, patience and, most of all, expertise, I don't need to worry about the FBI showing up at my doorstep!

  7. Will address all of the security check items and touch base one last time this evening. Thanks loads!
  8. Replacing Adobe Reader 9 with 11. Should antivirus/anti-malware be turned on now?
  9. My PC seems to working fine. No indication today at all that the FBI is t coming to get me! Here's the SecurityCheck checkup log file. Thx. checkup.txt
  10. Oops. Sorry. Multitasking here, but apparently not well. I seems fine, I'll do the cleanup and post results.
  11. Complete. No malicious items found. mbam-log-2013-01-14 (13-12-17).txt
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