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  1. Actually the sync for all devices (incl. mobile ones) was turned off, I even cleaned all the data for Chrome apps (not just cache) and turned off access to Internet for them too. I could not remove the Default folder, even though it was empty (see below screenshots taken as evidence just in case) The problem with PUPs repeated itself once I had re-installed Chrome on my Windows station and launched Malwarebytes to do the scan
  2. Yes, it is correct, except for I quarantined the objects once the log had been taken, but the objects keep coming back. The funny thing is that I had not even visited mail.ru page after re-installing Chrome, but as can be seen the log has a few mailru entities..
  3. Thanks, Kevin. I did everything as advised, step-by-step. I've fully re-installed Chrome and cleaned everything that I could for all user accounts on my computer, including administrative. There is only one thing I could not do for my limited Windows user account that I usually use while browsing websites from Chrome: I could not completely remove the folder C:\Users\Your user name\Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default. I mean I've managed to have everything removed within that folder, so there were no files remaining. I would have used FileAssasin to kill the rest, but unfortunately FileAssasin doesn't delete the folders. I've tried to load my computer in a minimal configuration (by changing settings in msconfig), hoping it will allow me to remove the Google\Chrome\User Data\Default, but it didn't help. I've tried to remove the folder by logging into my administrative account, but it didn't help too. By the way, somehow I have managed to remove the C:\Users\Your user name\Appdata\Local\Google\ for my administrative Windows account completely, but for my limited Windows account I couldn't do that. Below attached you can see the screenshot that shows an error message reported by Far Manager while I tried to remove the Google folder: it says in Russian that the folder is not empty, but I swear there were nothing within that folder, not even hidden files that could be seen by simply changing the viewer's settings. Trying to do the same in Windows Explorer didn't help either. Before re-installing Chrome I ran Malwarebytes to scan the system, but it didn't find anything at all. So once I'd re-installed Chrome from a scratch I scanned my system again. Attached is the log file listing what Malwabytes has found. 111.txt
  4. It does, the problem persists, apart from the above listed PUPs I also occasionally get notification by Malwarebtes of Mailru PUP without even having opened mail.ru or vk.com websites (they are both owned by the same Russian financial group). I've already provided Malwarebytes and Adwcleaner's logs. Can we make a diagnosis without FRST log please? I ain't even asking for a solution yet, just curious about the possible triggers for those PUPs to penetrate my Chrome browser. None of my Chrome extensions are Russian-made except for Adguard. My router does enforce Family-level filtering protection by Yandex, which is also a Russian company (but they don't share business with mail group). So I am still a bit confused, where does that sh*t (pardon my French) come from? Any ideas?
  5. It's mostly software pre-installed by computer manufacturer when I purchased my notebook a few years ago. I find it no dangerous.
  6. Here it goes... Sorry, I've already removed the log of FRST, but it was long and as I said earlier contained nothing new AdwCleaner[S03].txt
  7. I have also checked my system with the use of Farbar, Adwcleaner and Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (KVRT), but they've found nothing... Should I still be worried about Malware.AI.3939612205 and PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic? What would be the most common reason for PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic to appear?
  8. Here is my log attached since you've asked for it Malwarebytes Log.txt
  9. Hi there, Malwarebytes has identified a few PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic threats on my computer a few times within a week. I am particularly cautious about what it's found within Windows folder today, which seems to be a new thing. Malwarebytes findings include: 1) Malware.AI.3939612205 in folder Disk:\Windows\Installer\F31E6D4.MSI 2) about 10 files PUP.Optional.PushNotifications.Generic in Disk:\Users\....\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Sync Data\... Any idea what the threat is all about and what may be its origin? Why does the same threat persist? Thanks.
  10. After system reboot and re-scan the problem seems to be completely resolved. There were no new objects detected. Thanks again for your help and guidance.
  11. Thanks. Btw, what did you mean by "clean scan"? Re-scanning system after system reboot or anything else? I hope I don't need to re-install Chrome browser in order to ensure that the problem's completely resolved :-)
  12. My apologies, AdvancedSetup. Malwarebytes scan did actually find something! After system reboot the problem with Facebook seems to be resolved. I think the main problem was with one of the programs on my computer. I've removed it manually after system reboot. Below is the brief report of Malwarebytes findings. I'd appreciate any comments from your side if there are any
  13. Hi AdvancedSetup, Thanks for the hints. I did as advised, but it didn't help. So I am still unable to create posts on Facebook, although as before I can read the news line there along with posts from Facebook groups, I can also use Messenger for duplex communication. I suspect the problem may be more serious than initially thought and is likely to have something to do with politics (Russian Govt has been lately trying to make Twitter, Facebook and other to play by their rules). Otherwise I can't explain why SMS with Facebook 2FA codes don't reach my mobile to enable me to login. I've reported the problem on Russian Kaspersky forum, the problem has been confirmed there by other folks as well. So..
  14. Hi there all, I am unable create a post in Facebook from Chrome on Windows station. I also can't receive an SMS with 6-digit code in order to login in Incognito mode in Chrome According to Downdetector, in Russia where I am based there is no problem with Facebook at this moment: https://downdetector.ru/ne-rabotaet/facebook/ So I thought I may have got some malware on my Windows station, but how come other sites work without a hitch then? I've tried disabling Chrome extensions one by one, but it didn't help. I've cleaned the cache with CCleaner and relaunched Chrome, but the problem persists Here is a video-proof to demonstrate the problem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BriM1XTXeOY&feature=youtu.be I've tried to report the problem to Facebook, but could only do it via my Android-device. Any ideas what it's all about? Thanks.
  15. Hi there, I've been recently reading an article in a popular Russian IT journal, when I came across this link that leads to the network security scan test: https://security.ideco.ru/ The name of the company that developed the test is Ideco, it resides in Ekaterinburg, Russian Ural region. I've made a screenshot showing the results of my test, which I attach to this post. The picture also contains my English translation of Russian wording, which is highlighted in Bold Red. It would be interesting to compare how my results stand out against other people's, because I am trying to understand whether the only purpose of this test is to promote company's sales or this company can really boast having a superb technical expertise in breaking browsers of an average user? :-)
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