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  1. Hi all, First of all, GREAT program! It has saved me many hours that would have otherwise been spent on backing up, re-installing, and restoring computers. As of today, when I fix a computer with MBAM, I'll highly recommend the user to purchase a license, and if not, I'll make them pay me (or pay me more) for my help so I can by another license, their choice. Today I've had a PC that was infected with Vundo, Vundo.H, Rootkit.Agent, Trojan.Agent, Trojan.FakeAlert, Trojan.TDSS, Trojan.Downloader, and Malware.Trace. However, I did not know that of course when I started working on it. I downloaded MBAM-Setup, but was unable to run it, it was appearantly blocked by the virus. So, I renamed MBAM-Setup to some unknown name. This time setup would start, and the installation was done normally. When I wanted to run the program, it would not start. Again, I suspect the process was being killed/blocked by the virus. I renamed the executable and tried to run it, but no go. In the end I had to restart in Safe Mode, and remove a suspicious rundll32 command in the RUN section of the registry, reboot the computer, and then I was able to run MBAM to remove all the items. However I cannot believe a normal end user, who generally would not know where to start solving their problem, would be able to do this. My suggestion: during MBAM setup, have setup generate a randomly named executable that, when run, performs an automatic update & quick scan + clean with certain default settings. If running the normal MBAM is blocked in any way, people can start this "Emergency Update & QuickScan Cleaner" as last resort.
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