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  1. On the dashboard, MBAM says it had 4 scan time detections and 2404 real-time detections but I can't find any evidence that MBAM actually did anything, except for 1 time in October it says it blocked a ransomware attack and the rest of the reports say it detected nothing, except blocked websites. How can I see what the 4 scan detections and 2404 real-time detections were? At least in Norton you can see what the actual threats were. Before I re-up my premium protection l want to see what it actually did and the report section isn't helpful at all - I'd need to open each and every report and there are too many to do that.
  2. I've used MBAM for years as my antimalware program, with good results. However, it was always a case of me buying the software; not as a subscription. Today I got a couple of emails about not being able to charge me for my subscription to MBAM - something I've never seen before. If it's true, that MBAM 3.0 is a service I'm paying to use on an ongoing basis, please cancel my account, and I will happily switch to another antimalware vendor. And if when I paid for MBAM there indeed was something in the fine print saying I was paying a subscription, not buying it, it must have been in pretty damn small type, because I know I never read that, and if I did, I would never go along with that. Microsoft is already screwing me with their Office365 subscription, I certainly don't need another program doing that. So, close my account, and send me a notification that's been done, because I'm disgusted with this, and am going to another solution. SINCERELY!!! Joseph Snyder
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