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  1. After exhaustive scans with Spybot, MBAM, PandActive scan and Hijack This scan plus scans by AVG8 has failed to fullu fix the problem. my Error Message "Resycled\boot.com is not a valid win32 application" which prevents rhe drive folders from opening correctly. I have switched off restore in windows xp and completed several scans to no avail. will attache logs! Please advise
  2. I hope I can obtain so assistance to track vicious code which oprevents me from opening my drive folders in normal fashion, I can access all files and folders through the explore option or browse options only. there are several incidents of the word resycled in the regestry, which if removed via deleting the mounting point allows the drive folders to be opened but only for the current session. The entry re appears in the regestry at next instance of booting. I cannot find any record of the boot.com file anywhere. A ful scan of the system has failed to detect the Malware as I suspect it. Nor ha
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