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  1. Malwarebytes scan doesn't find Win32.Trojan.TDSS. Spybot and AdAware does find it but doesn't remove it. The only tool that will remove it is Combo Fix. When you do get infected there are four(4) files that are in the System 32 folder that can't be seen or removed. This post is just for information.
  2. I had to remove malware from my computer today using Combo Fix, Malwarebytes wouldn't remove it, is something like .TDSS. After Malware was removed Malwarebytes finally complets scans without freezing.
  3. I no longer have any malware on my system as far as I know. I just wanted to inform you that since my system has regained the ability to do a system restore, Malwarebytes no longer completes a scan. As stated before if System Restore is turned off Malwarebytes will complete scanning.
  4. I have problems with Malwarebytes v1.36 freezing while scanning. There is no specific place it freezes. I just had to use Combofix to remove some malware that Malwarebytes and Spybot wouldn't remove. In the process I discovered that the Restore Console had been removed previously and I couldn't use System Restore. Once the malware was removed and System Restore was able to create restore points is when Malwarebytes started to Freeze. There is some interaction with Windows XP System Restore and Malwarebytes v1.36 that causes it to freeze. If System Restore is turned off Malwarebytes will
  5. I didn't kill it off, it would still be on my system if I didn't do a system restore to before I had the infection. Nothing I tried killed the registry entries, the would immediately reappear in the registry. I didn't try Spybot or Panda, maybe if I get it again I will try other programs.
  6. I had the same problem with Trojan.Vundo.H, I used Malwarebytes 1.31, it said it removed the registry keys, however, after removal and a immediate rescan the same two registry entries reappeared. I used Hijack This to remove the same keys and they just reappeared immediately. I was lucky, I restored my system to an earlier date and after reboot the infections didn't appear again. Usually doing a system restore doesn't get rid of the infections, however, this time it worked. Seems that nothing will remove Trojan.Vundo.H. There is also a registry entry that runs a file that supports the o
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