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  1. I just got a notification on my desktop that the trial is about to expire. This is really weird, because when I go to the Protection tab it asks me if I want to start a trial. Is this a known bug?
  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that after updating the free version of Malwarebytes on an old computer of mine it now automatically updates as if it was a full paid professional edition. I didn't know if this was a new feature so I thought I'd mention it on here before I did anything. I have not activated the trial version, it's running the standard free edition.
  3. Could you not set it to delete instead of quarantine? Plus I know several repair shops that download tools like ComboFix and then delete if after they use it. What makes you think they wouldn't just download a new version of Malwarebytes every time they use it?
  4. With my luck, I'd be the guy that would get shot for pulling something like that.
  5. Hopefully there will be plans for one later on down the road. To me a portable version would be good for those people who only use Malwarebytes when they are told to run a scan by someone that is helping them on the forums.
  6. It did not work. It still says my trial has expired.
  7. So I have a computer that was using the Trial version of Malwarebytes. The trial ended early. Is there anyway I can finish the trial or do I just have to keep using it the way it is?
  8. There's a lot of really good programmers out there that ask that same question when the first start. It's good to have a goal, I know making a game was one of my very first goals. Then I changed and decided to just start with the basics and learn from there.
  9. Most games are written using C++ because it runs the fastest. However, you can make Xbox 360 games using C#. There are also quite a few tutorials and books on making games using Java. I hope this helps.
  10. What program are you trying to run?
  11. Run Malwarebytes alongside your antivirus program. That way if Malwarebytes doesn't catch something then your antivirus program will or vise versa.
  12. Thanks for the information tetonbob! I'll tell my friend that he should buy the Pro version and will have him order the CD as well that way he has something to install from in case something happens.
  13. So Malwarebytes never updates the CD to have the newest version on the CD?
  14. A friend asked me this and I wasn't sure of the answer. So I told him I'd ask you guys and let him know the answer. When purchasing a copy of Malwarebytes if you decided to get the Backup CD does the CD have your product ID and product key on the label? Or are you required to keep up with it yourself when you first get it over the internet?
  15. I agree. As a user of all three operating systems I do believe it is something that Malwarebytes should do.
  16. You may have to set up the exclusion in MSE. Sometimes they don't like to work together so I recommend you exclude MBAM from MSE and vice versa. Details on how to do this can be provided here.
  17. I sent my message to the corporate team almost 2 weeks ago and I used a non-Yahoo,Gmail,Hotmail email address. When should I be receiving an email from them? Last time I had contacted the corporate team I had a response the next day.
  18. Thanks Firefox. I didn't know about the MBAM uninstall utility. I'll keep that in mind when helping people out in the future!
  19. Oh ok. I thought they were both company logos. I didn't know one was actually used for the product and one for the company. I figured that the company would use the same logo since the product has the same name as the company.
  20. Just curious, what is the reasoning behind the old logo instead of the new one? Also why does it do the shades thing?
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