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  1. I echo ggeinec's remarks. MBAE seems to be working well with Firefox 59.0.1. I haven't had time to test as many situations as ggeinec describes, but I haven't run into any troubles yet. Thanks, and please let Mickael know.
  2. Sorry about that. Please see attached. As far as the add-ons are concerned, the problem was happening even after I uninstalled all add-ons. Since I've turned off MBAE, I've reinstalled uBlock Origin, which was the only add-on that was previously present. See attached jpgs FRST.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  3. Sorry. You reminded me just as i was editing the original post to add the zip file.
  4. I've been using MBAE Beta for quite some time with no ill effects. Lately, however, I started experiencing a problem with Firefox. Sites would not open in new tabs, whether I opened a tab first and used a bookmark or typed in an URL or right-clicked on a link and selected "Open in new tab." This behavior was erratic -- sometimes sites would open and sometimes they would not, but mostly, sites would just not open. I tried the usual Firefox troubleshooting: started in FF Safe Mode; uninstalled all add-ons; cleared cache and cookies; refreshed FF; uninstalled FF and downloaded
  5. Thanks, Aura. That's what I had been hoping for.
  6. I found a download link for mbam here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/portal/articles/1835314?b_id=6438 but the first part of my question still stands: can I add Anti-Exploit to MB 3.x by running the old mbae installer?
  7. If I elect to use the free version of MalwareBytes 3.x rather than pay for the Premium version, the anti-exploit feature goes away at the end of the trial period. If I run mbae-setup- (which I still have), will that installation of Anti-Exploit be compatible with the free version of MalwareBytes 3.x? If not, is there a download available for MBAM 2.x (free) so that I can re-install that and then install mbae?
  8. I have an XP Pro sp3 box infested with (at least) Spyware Guard 2008. I read that MBAM would remove this, so I downloaded mbam-setup from download.com. It will not install. Task Manager shows mbam-setup with 0 CPU usage and 2,016K allocated. I've tried running this in Safe Mode. I've also tried downloading from MajorGeeks, and even tried an earlier version (1.21.0) all with the same result. What now?
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