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  1. I echo ggeinec's remarks. MBAE seems to be working well with Firefox 59.0.1. I haven't had time to test as many situations as ggeinec describes, but I haven't run into any troubles yet. Thanks, and please let Mickael know.
  2. Sorry about that. Please see attached. As far as the add-ons are concerned, the problem was happening even after I uninstalled all add-ons. Since I've turned off MBAE, I've reinstalled uBlock Origin, which was the only add-on that was previously present. See attached jpgs FRST.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.zip
  3. Sorry. You reminded me just as i was editing the original post to add the zip file.
  4. I've been using MBAE Beta for quite some time with no ill effects. Lately, however, I started experiencing a problem with Firefox. Sites would not open in new tabs, whether I opened a tab first and used a bookmark or typed in an URL or right-clicked on a link and selected "Open in new tab." This behavior was erratic -- sometimes sites would open and sometimes they would not, but mostly, sites would just not open. I tried the usual Firefox troubleshooting: started in FF Safe Mode; uninstalled all add-ons; cleared cache and cookies; refreshed FF; uninstalled FF and downloaded
  5. Thanks, Aura. That's what I had been hoping for.
  6. I found a download link for mbam here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/customer/portal/articles/1835314?b_id=6438 but the first part of my question still stands: can I add Anti-Exploit to MB 3.x by running the old mbae installer?
  7. If I elect to use the free version of MalwareBytes 3.x rather than pay for the Premium version, the anti-exploit feature goes away at the end of the trial period. If I run mbae-setup- (which I still have), will that installation of Anti-Exploit be compatible with the free version of MalwareBytes 3.x? If not, is there a download available for MBAM 2.x (free) so that I can re-install that and then install mbae?
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