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  1. OK..... I'll think I'll go with plan B in the interest of time: I've already saved the owner's data to an external drive... now I'm gonna wipe the drive and install a clean OS.... thanks for your help!
  2. I might just back up the PC owner's data, then format and install Vista SP2 clean just to be sure that everything is 100% copacetic.
  3. As to why this is SP1 vs SP2 . . . it's not my PC, but I was planning on updating to SP2 and IE9 as soon as this MBAM issue is solved. There were some other minor software issues which have been sorted out except for this last MBAM problem..... anyway.... I have attached the requested logs as zip files (I hope ZIPs are OK). Thanks for the prompt reply! DDS LOGS.zip MBAM-CHECK LOGS.zip MBAM PROT LOGS.zip
  4. Oh yeah - this is a Vista 32bit SP1 PC, the MBAM is the newest release, version
  5. I installed MBAM Pro, activated it, and everything seems to be OK except I can't enable website blocking. I have uninstalled MBAM, run the "mbam-clean" tool, re-installed MBAM (with a reboot between each step) and still I can't enable web site blocking. The option is listed, but clicking on it does nothing; the check-box remains empty. The same thing happens if I try using the MBAM icon in the system tray down by the clock, and that icon is not red, it's kind of black or dark-dark purple (the other screen shot). I attached a screen shot below even though it probably wasn't necessary. There's a
  6. Uhhh.... I can't find an "Edit" button..... the following statement "... and should cause MBAM to be COMPLETELY removed from the msconfig > Startup list ..." should obviously have the word "not" immediately following "... and should ...". Oooops.
  7. I have a client that purchased the full PRO version of MBAM back in March 2011. About 2 weeks ago, the MBAM completely disappeared from my client's PC. There were not even any leftover registry entries or folders in "Program Files". There was a folder or two in the asst'd User Profile folders. The desktop icon was gone also. Now, again the desktop icon is gone, there is still a MalwareBytes folder in c:\Program Files but only about half of the needed files are there, mbamgui.exe is gone, mbamservice.exe is gone, etc. In the event viewer, there is an error entry mentioning mbamservice.exe as a
  8. I think it would be a great idea to add an "exceptions list" for the IP blocker.... for some reason, Skype is being blocked on a friends laptop and the only way to get Skype to work is to temporarily turn off the website/IP blocker. I think if there was an exceptions list for the website/IP blocker, it would make things a bit easier and more secure: instead of completely disabling the feature, it could be programed to let certain IPs thru that normally would be blocked. Just a thought for a future revision of MBAM. Keep up the good work!
  9. I ran a full scan yesterday, and the files listed in the screen shots above were completely removed. If I go to C:\Program Files (x86), there are no folders for either of the programs/files shown in the shots above; they were removed. That's why I refer to these as "ghosts". I have had these "ghosts" before with different files (I linked to a thread about these other "ghosts" in post above). So, I'm familiar with what's going on, and it's not as "nasty" as it might appear. I simply wanted to know if the BAT files I was provided with previously will work for these new "ghosts". Anyway- I've att
  10. I started a thread a couple weeks back about this same issue, but this time it's with different files (screen shots attached) and a different PC. In this thread, I was given some BAT files to run that got rid of the ghostings. I'm assuming I can use the same BATs for these ghosts too? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the fast reply!!!! The PC had Norton360, but it was expired and I uninstalled it, but I did that *after* installing MBAM... OK- so I'll remove MBAM (yes - I have the license key numbers) -reboot -run the clean tool -reboot again (even if not necessary) -reinstall MBAM.... we'll see how it goes!
  12. The error is attached as a screenshot.... The MBAM icon does not appear in the tray down by clock, and I get the error upon rebooting, and also after closing the MBAM GUI.
  13. Sorry, it took me a couple days to get back here..... I just applied the fixes as described, and so far, so good! They seem to have done the job! THANKS A MILLION!!! I've saved the files to my flash drive because I've had this same scenario happen numerous times (I have a couple threads here in the MBAM forums about this issue also). So, now that I have these BAT files, I can take care of the false GAMEVANCE and RELEVANTKNOWLEDGE ghostings.... THANKS AGAIN!!!
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