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  1. Thank you for the reply. I do have System Mechanic and it claims I have 472 registry problems, I used to allow it to fix but some time ago it started affecting AVG (which I no longer use) so I haven't do a fix with Sys'Mech' for months, I now have a purchased copy of ESET antivirus.
  2. Hello Sorry for going over old stuff but I've just been looking at the thread "Broken.open and Trojan.Agent" as I have Broken open.com which keeps coming back after Malawarebytes has cleaned it. I've read a lot of the page on how to use Combofix and must admit I'm a bit afraid to do this after all the warnings on there. What is "Brokenopen.com" and what risk does it pose please? Thanks in advance Richard I haven't included any logs as it seems to report nothing malicious after cleaning but here is the quarantine files
  3. Hello everyone I just joined as I have this as well (pup.dealio that is), I first got the results a few weeks ago and removed all with malawarebytes. I scanned again today and it's all back, I've once again had malawarebytes remove but I assume it'll be back. Is there a way to permanently remove, you mention PDF creator software and I only have Adobe reader, is it possible it comes in with updates to that. Richard
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