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  1. I have several machines, some updated automatically from 3.0.6 others I manually updated all were having the same problem so it doesn't seem to be a 3.1.2 issue but something else. I have 6 machines all with similar problems. No scanning, no real time web protection and no exploit protection,. I tried all the things suggested on the web site and I'm with the rest of you guys. Not much of a working program. I hope this is fixed soon and it isn't some hack on systems.

  2. My wifes PC has backdoor.bot in the C\windows\pchealth\helpctr\binaries directory.

    Specifically secdrive.exe, VTkMgr.exe, VTsMgr.exe, svchost.exe

    and lsass.exe in the same directory has Trojan.Agent

    The PC is running Windows XP with Service pack 3

    I have the latest Malwarebytes with all the latest updates.

    Malwarebytes detects the problem, and asks for removal on reboot.

    After reboot the problem ( the 5 entries ) are still there. This unfortunately is very repeatable.

    I have Spybot installed and the Tea timer is disabled.

    If I look at the c drive all is fine. I can list all the directories.

    If I look at the Windows pchealth directory, the system says that the C drive is not formatted. This bit worries me.

    Only this directory gives me the C drive not formatted response.

    The machine is running very slowly, all the time.

    The McAfee antivirus keeps getting switched off, although I can put it on again.

    I had the same virus on my machine in the same place and it was removed very easily.

    Some help would be very much appreciated.

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