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  1. Did you seriously just delete all the posts? It just keeps getting worse. Seriously. I'm so glad I posted today and found out how seriously unprofessional this company is. Incredible really. You needed more information. When you can't duplicate an issue you need to ask the customer for more information. Period. If you needed more logs from other users you should have posted asking so. Stubborn. Deleting the proof of how unprofessional you really are. I'm done with MB. Uninstalling and going with your competitors. Thank you again for showing how MB is not to be trusted with security.
  2. I shouldn't have even needed to have responded if SUPPORT had done their jobs properly. You couldn't duplicate the issue!! More information was/is needed. As soon as you can't duplicate an issue you go back to the customer and ask more questions. That is basic support. Basic level. Are you kidding me right now. Thanks to you I am looking at alternatives. Your stubbornness is incredible. My god... The workaround was to disable security. Again, are you kidding me right now. You needed to ask for more information and are trying to defend the fact that you didn't. What kind of support is this? Its amateur hour at MB? Ask for more information. Simple. You couldn't duplicate the issue. You needed more information. Period. Any basic support worker or developer goes back to the customer if they can't duplicate an issue. Fixing code is difficult if you can't reproduce it. Not just finding where the issue is in the code, but knowing you actually fixed it. If you can't duplicate it how do you know you fixed it? So as soon as you can't duplicate you need to go back to the customer and ask for more information that will help you duplicate it. So saying no new information was needed is ridiculous. You're too stubborn to admit that MB dropped the ball. My post has nothing to do with anything and shouldn't have been needed if MB actually cared about customer issues. Seriously, you give MB a very bad look. I will no longer be recommending this software to people. "I am sorry you expected more". Give me a break. The issue couldn't be duplicated and no one responded task for more information when it was needed. I'm sorry you don't give proper support to your paying customers.
  3. You literally asked me for logs because the current status is not being able to duplicate the issue and thus needed more information. Why was the OP not asked for more logs or more information if it was needed?? How is this even an argument. If I didn't respond there would be no new logs. There would be no new information. How long would it take you to ask the OP for more information. Obviously not a month was enough. How long would it take for someone to respond saying they need more information? You aren't posting frequent updates saying nothing new. You're posting to ask for additional information. Information that was needed because you can't duplicate the issue. As soon as it couldn't be duplicated is when this topic should have been responded to asking for additional information. By not asking it has delayed the resolution of this issue. The fact that you are arguing against this is ridiculous and is making me reconsider using MalwareBytes. If this is the level of thought that goes into making the product I should start looking at alternatives. Ridiculous. Over looked what? The issue that NO ONE responded to this topic before I did. The devs can't duplicate an issue. They need more information. Yet NO ONE asked for more information. The OP doesn't have their issue solved and is patiently waiting for a resolution has no idea that more information is needed. Again, if I didn't respond when was ANYONE going to respond to the OP of this topic that more information was needed? One month went by. Looks to me like no one was going to EVER respond again. Ridiculous. You needed more information!!! You can't duplicate it!!! That's an update. Whether it being asking for the OP to provide more information or more users to submit logs who are having the same issue. If you can't duplicate an issue the first thing you do is go back to the customer and ask more questions. Again, I'm baffled at how this is even an argument. Ridiculous. This is what MalbareBytes stands for??
  4. Yes, I added those exclusions. Currently they are removed because they didn't work and I don't feel having a large list of exceptions that didn't do anything. Of course COVID-19 complicates things, but no reply? You said it yourself that the dev team couldn't replicate the issue. Whether your working from home or working from the office, it doesn't take much to respond to a forum asking for more information if needed. So? I jumped in because I'm having the same issue. There has been no response to this topic in over a month when the situation was that they couldn't duplicate and needed more information. Why wasn't it posted here for the OP to get more information? I provided some just now, but there was a full month of nothing. If MB responded to this thread and said they needed more information it could have been supplied by the OP sooner. The buffer overflow was just an example, that should have been clear. The entire point is applications can be exploited and updates patch those exploits. So install the old version and I have issues with iTunes. Great. Nothing needs to be clarified. This is an issue which has been ignored. Again, no response for over a month when more information was needed. If I didn't respond to this the issue would have been left in the dust.
  5. This is exactly why I asked for information. It's been over a month since the last post. If the dev team has not been able to reproduce the issue, why has nothing been said? This is so frustrating when developers do this. Total lack of respect. I'm a developer too. If I didn't respond back to customers who have major issues I'd get fired. I will never understand when something can't be produced the end result is to forget about it. It's been a month. No one ask for more logs. No one asked for more information. Nothing. Just silence. Complete lack of respect. I will get the logs and attach them. I would appreciate if this topic can keep being updated. If the logs don't help, say something. If more information is needed, say something. Definition updates aren't everything. Anti-Virus applications are targets themselves. For example, if I can cause a buffer overflow and crash the AV, I'm free to infect the machine. If all that mattered were definition updates we wouldn't be getting updates to MBAM itself. Then there are other areas such as which includes "Improved anti-exploit detection and remediation". So by going back to 4.04 I lose that improved anti-exploit detection. There is also "Addressed: Certain Ransomware protection incompatibilities with Kaspersky, iTunes and Photoshop". Those are pretty significant security issues that I lose out on by downgrading. It's a functioning product, but it's less secure. Anyway, logs have been attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Those aren't very good choices. The choice is to disable Web Protection or downgrade to an earlier version of MBAM. Both of those options are insecure and in my opinion shouldn't even be recommended. Disabling Web Protection is obviously insecure. We use MBAM to secure ourselves from threats. Why even have MBAM if we disable Web Protection so nonchalantly? I'm not browsing the web without having my system secured. As for downgrading, what version? Depending on how far back we have to go we could be introducing vulnerabilities in MBAM that were recently fixed that allows attackers to circumvent MBAM. Just looking at the release notes I see the past few updates reference BSOD fixes. Which version should we be using? Obviously bugs aren't fixed instantly. I was just asking for an update. It's been a month and it hasn't been fixed so I was hoping @LiquidTension or someone else could provide an update. Has it been fixed and just being tested by QA? It's not fixed yet, but it's close to being ready for QA? You won't see a fix until 2021. Just looking for information. This is a major bug where the only workaround is making our systems less secure. Are logs needed? Based on the replies before mine, it sounded like the issue has been identified. I apologize if I wasn't clear in my initial post, but I was just looking for information on the status of this issue.
  7. Any update on this? Last post was May 5, more than a month ago. I'm having the same issue. If I turn off Web Protection (!!) than PIA's Split Tunnel seems to work. If I enable Web Protection it doesn't. I get no notification that anything is being blocked. I added PIA apps to MalwareBytes exclusions and still same issue. I do not want to leave Web Protection off. I bought MalwareBytes so I can have it on.
  8. The new system tray icon is not proper. When you disable website blocking it turns on a red exclamation mark. There are many things wrong with this. First, it is universal in software that disabling is tied to the colour grey. Red is meant to signal something is critically wrong and that urgent attention is needed. Second, which ties into the first, the red exclamation mark makes it seem like my PC in infected. When a machine is infected, most security software will start showing you red all over the place. This red exclamation mark always makes me second guess my machines status. In the future, this could lead to me missing an actual detection. I don't mind the exclamation mark, but it should be grey to signal a feature is disabled. The old icon would turn itself grey when you disabled website blocking which was perfect.
  9. Just want to say I concur with the GUI looking like a fake AV. After installing the update I had to do a double-take. I logged onto the website to view screenshots to make sure I didn't download a virus. Not a fan of this new look.
  10. Can label this as solved. Did some more testing, finally able to get it working at startup. Did another clean install, but this time made sure to check off "Enable protection module" and "Start protection module with Windows" for both the limited and admin accounts. One thing to note is that on the limited account checking the "Enable protection module" produced an error in which case MBAM showed up in the tray, albeit disabled. This may have solved the problem. I think it's something that should be taken a look at. Either the install should produce startup entries for all accounts, or keeping the current setup the error for limited accounts should produce something more meaningful. It's kind of weird for an error to produced, yet end up at the expected result.
  11. Forgot to add (and I don't see an edit button so I apologize for the double post), I tested on the administrative account and MBAM starts up fine. So this issue is with the limited account.
  12. I am not able to get MalwareBytes Anti-Malware to start with Windows. I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. My main account is a limited account, and I do have a separate administrator account. Everything was working fine, until I decided to try out Outpost firewall. I disabled "Start protection module with Windows" under the Protection tab of MBAM as I intended to run MBAM on demand. I ended up getting busy so I uninstalled Outpost firewall and now even when enabling "start protection module with Windows", MBAM does not start up. I know from a previous email with support that MBAM is on about a minute delay to help alleviate problems with AV products. I've waited 5 minutes and MBAM was not started. I even checked the processes and it was not listed. I ran mbam-clean and re-installed MBAM. I put in my license information, verified MBAM was running properly and restarted. MBAM did not start up with Windows. This issue has persisted through a re-install and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've done scans with MBAM and ESET and nothing was found. I've checked my process list and nothing suspicious was listed. I appreciate any help, thank-you.
  13. Thanks again, MysteryFCM. You've been a huge help thus far.
  14. Another suggestion: Suggestion: Allow users to give a description of IP addresses that are being ignored. Reasoning: As the list of exceptions get bigger, it becomes harder and harder to remember just what exactly you are ignoring. In most cases you're just left with the option of deleting everything and starting all over again. I think it would be extremely beneficial to know just what exactly are you allowing.
  15. That worked great. Didn't think it would without having to force-quit the program. Thanks for the help.
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