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  1. I have been running my Win XP SP3 machine for more than three months with early betas, pre-releases and release avast5 free versions along side SAS (real time protection) without a single problem and have not read anything like your problem not in the avast forum neither on the SAS one, so maybe it is something particular to your PC
  2. Hi, I Just installed the new FREE MBAM version and it places mbamgui.exe /install /silent to auto run with Windows, so my questions are: What for is this .exe and can I stop it from auto start without affecting MBAM
  3. Here it is (OS in Spanish): Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.39 Database version: 2434 Executable location: I:\Archivos de programa\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Database location: I:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Datos de programa\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\rules.ref Username: Pibos Windows folder: I:\windows System folder: I:\windows\system32 Root drive: I: Program Files: I:\Archivos de programa Common Files: I:\Archivos de programa\Archivos comunes Desktop: i:\documents and settings\Administrador\Escritorio Desktop: i:\documents and settings\All Users\Escritorio Desktop: i:\docu
  4. I also had the Run-time error after the automatic update from 1.38 to .39 and immediately after the update process, it opened OK and it was only after I downloaded and installed the "NEW" Microsoft Security Patches, that the RT error appeared for the first time, so I uninstalled it completely with Revo Uninstaller, deleting ALL the folders and every registry key it found. After I re-booted the PC, I did a CLEAN install of MBAM 1.39 with the MalwareBytes installer which I previously downloaded from your site, re booted again and now it appears to be working fine, no more errors ! Windows XP Pr
  5. Well, I guess you are totally right ! when one gets old, memory has this sleepery tendency to fade away very fast, it happens to me "OLD" the time B) Greetings
  6. Securitywonks server is already working !!!! without doing anything at all, I simply started the PC this morning and checked again without much hope and voila, thatnk you securitywonks guy, something was done on your side that my old PC managed to connect and BTW, in a very reliable way, no more error warnings. On the other hand, malwarebytes server is not working but with one server working, it is enough. Thank you all guys that helped to solve this issue. The mystery remains on why it was not working yesterday night and it worked today early in the morning
  7. That is correct GT500, I have been working closely with Arthur but there has been no luck so far, let
  8. Just an update: I Uninstalled MBAM, cleaned registry and deleted all the related folders, restarted PC and reinstalled it but there was no luck. It seems that despite being able to browse to both sites, the servers are down or something
  9. Thank You Exile and GT, I opened IE and browsed fine to both sites without problems (my default browser btw is not IE but FireFox 3.x) and I am not using proxies, so I am confused. I am using MBAM just as on demand scan and it is the only program that is having problems connecting to servers. I also have Superantyspyware, avast and Online Armor and my OS is W2K SP4 just for the record. Thanks again guys and have terrific hollydays
  10. Hi, I am new to MBAM (free) and I love it, but I have noticed that it is kind of difficult to update definitions. Some times, I can NOT use malwarebytes.org server and securitywonks.net works fine, some other times it is the other way around, some times also, trying over and over with one of the two servers, after several attempts (10-15) suddenly it succeeds, and eventually I can NOT use any of the two servers no matter what, but everyday when I try to update defs, I have this problem. The error I get is attached as a jpeg file, but despite what it says, I can update daily, with some difficu
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