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  1. Please explain why the following IP addresses have been blocked: 91.188. 66.113
  2. MBAM is blocking access to This is a domain used by a Chrome extension called Ultimate Chrome Flag which provides information on websites that are visited. MBAM protection-log-2011-03-26.txtprevented this extension from working. This is not a malicious website.protection-log-2011-03-26.txt
  3. Malwarebytes support sent me a program (bat extension) to correct the error.
  4. I have reinstalled the program four times because the program refused to start after rebooting: Error code: Program_Error_Load_Database (-2146893820, -2146893820, Create SDK). Bad Length. I deleted the program and cleaned each time with mbam-clean.exe. I have Spybot 1.6.2, but the Teatimer function is turned off. I am using Windows XP Home SP3 on an Asus 3ee netbook.
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