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  1. Funny, and (sadly) true. However, a quote comes to mind that seems appropriate here: "What other people think of you is none of your business." When you really ponder that and take the time to digest it, it's a very freeing mentality.
  2. Highest DPC routine execution time (µs): 14834.985704 Driver with highest DPC routine execution time: ndis.sys - NDIS 6.20 driver, Microsoft Corporation (tcpip.sys was next, with 2128 µs) Highest measured interrupt to process latency (µs): 13815.288675 Average measured interrupt to process latency (µs): 3.215732 Highest measured interrupt to DPC latency (µs): 13811.994964 Average measured interrupt to DPC latency (µs): 1.365148
  3. I, too, can confirm the DPC latency spikes in the DPC latency checker program. I'm not sure if it's causing problems or not. Turning off website checking stops the spikes. When it's on, I get spikes usually in the area of 1500 or so, but sometimes as high as upwards of 20,000.
  4. I'm seeing the same behavior. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Database version: 6887 Windows 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421 6/18/2011 10:25:22 AM mbam-log-2011-06-18 (10-25-19).txt Scan type: Full scan (C:\|D:\|) Objects scanned: 296290 Time elapsed: 9 minute(s), 49 second(s) Memory Processes Infected: 0 Memory Modules Infected: 0 Registry Keys Infected: 0 Registry Values Infected: 0 Registry Data Items Infected: 0 Folders Infected: 0 Files Infected: 2 Memory Processes Infected: (No malicious items detected) Memory Modules Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Keys Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Values Infected: (No malicious items detected) Registry Data Items Infected: (No malicious items detected) Folders Infected: (No malicious items detected) Files Infected: d:\TomTom\HOME\Backup\ONE\Backup01\internalmemory\installtomtomhome.exe (Trojan.FakeAlert) -> No action taken. d:\TomTom\HOME\Backup\XXL\Backup01\internalmemory\installtomtomhome.exe (Trojan.FakeAlert) -> No action taken.
  5. I encountered this issue last night while scanning my g/f's C: drive that I had hooked up as an eSATA slave to my PC (she was having problems with the drive). The OS is Windows 7 Professional 64bit. One thing I noticed about the false positive is that it would only alert about the BACKDOOR.BOT trojan when the icardagt.exe file was outside of the C:\windows\system32 directory; it would scan clean from within c:\windows\system32. I verified this on 4 different computers of mine. I'm assuming the error must have been related to the software thinking it was a trojan due to it being in the incorrect location. Interestingly for me, when I was scanning my g/f's C: drive, it was connected via eSATA to my PC and showed as the H:\ drive, so MBAM alerted me to the H:\windows\system32 copy as well - presumably since it, too, is outside of C:\windows\system32. This problem did not exist with the scanning DB version from 2/20 that I tested by restoring an image from then to my PC. It only happened with version 5900 that I pulled last night. Today's 5904 seems to have corrected the false positive.
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