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  1. Hi storks, Sorry for the long delay, I have been away from home. We haven't done any changes to your computer that would cause the bluetooth dongle to stop working. And according to the logs and the files I have checked you only had trace infection items left over. Are you still experiencing any odd behaviour apart from the bluetooth dongle?
  2. Hi again storks, Absolutely no offence taken. I've had a look at your logfile and want to do some quick checks on two files which seem suspect, and fix your hosts file as it contains some bad entries. Please go ahead and follow the instructions below. Please launch avz.exe again- If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 right click the file avz.exe and select Run as Administrator, otherwise right click it and select Open. Note: You may get an alert from your antivirus software warning you of a suspicious driver installation, please allow it as this is needed to allow the avz utility to
  3. Hi storks, Any progress on running DDS or is it still stuck? If it is stuck could you please do the following: Firstly terminate the DDS window if it is still running. Download AVZ and save it to your desktop from here If you are running Windows Vista or Windows 7 launch avz.exe by right clicking the file and selecting Run as Administrator, otherwise right click it and select Open. Note: You may get an alert from your antivirus software warning you of a suspicious driver installation, please allow it as this is needed to allow the avz utility to work. You should now see the main window of th
  4. Hey, hey its not all bad...im travelling at the moment and this is the slowest adsl connection I have been on in years
  5. Polite warning to all members: Please keep the discussions polite and civil otherwise you will no longer be welcome to post on the forum.
  6. Privacy risk? Yes Threat? No You can set your browser and email client not to automatically load images if you so which, and also disable scripting and reject cookies which will mean web trackers will fall flat on their faces.
  7. nweisma, Why do you feel the need to act as a proxy for this "company", waste the developers time with pointless to'ing/throw'ing without providing an URL or any sort of concrete details.... if your intention is to report a false positive, next time please provide the data requested by the developers and in the two sticky topics at the top of this forum. There are set procedures for dealing with false positives and if they meet the criteria for being a false positive then they are corrected. If this company wanted it corrected they would have taken steps themselves a long time ago. This whole
  8. It's a feature of invision power board that allows bulletin boards to offer "subscriptions" to certain forum features if they want to. In this case I think the menu option has just not been deactivated.
  9. To all: please do not reply to a false positive topic unless you are a member of the experts/administrators or moderators group. I've removed a few posts in this topic from non-experts replying regarding False-positives. Thanks
  10. Completely up to you...use your own judgement. If you are not sure, it is better to ask first than later. Malware Removal advice/running tools/replacing files should generally only be done under the guidance of a person from the Administrators, Moderators, Experts or Trusted Advisor groups. All the experts here have been judged by the Malwarebytes staff in one way or another to be skilled professionals in dealing with and or removing malware. This may include working in the AV industry, completing malware-removal training at one of the malware removal forums or having a lot of professional exp
  11. Hi, It is important that you keep your copy of MBAM up to date in order to get the best protection for your machine. MBAM utilises a number of techniques to heuristically block malware, which means that one update can protect you from many variants of a particular malware, however to keep up to date with the constant barrage of new threats, updates are needed to add new signatures and heuristic rules (because MBAM is so good at blocking the bad guys they have to keep constantly changing their tactics)
  12. Thanks guys, didn't see this topic until today =] Was nice to take a break from the degree exam season to just chill out and relax.
  13. SaferNet4All: Hi, They may suggest removing other security related software in order to rule out a conflict is causing the install to malfunction. You can obviously reinstall it afterwards if it doesnt solve your issue. The helper you talk about on the other forum is just a forum user like yourself so your words are pretty harsh and uncalled for, norwegian is quite a well respected member of the main Kaspersky boards too (which are at forum.kaspersky.com) but he is not a HJT log worker or Kaspersky employee and was simply giving you an opinion. Beating someone down because they haven't graduat
  14. Sorry guys, I should have made it clearer...my comment was not directed towards Danerd9..but another poster whose comment I have removed.
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