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  1. No problems here. EDIT: It took just one or two seconds before this reply was visible here.
  2. Agreed. It's a useful workaround - until MB comes up with more user-friendly solution.
  3. Thanks for the info, @Phone Man. However, instead of navigating to this log file, I would like to see the logs in the Report section. It shouldn't be too difficult to (re-)introduce this feature with one of the next updates.
  4. Could have been a false positive. Who knows. The file in question needs to be analysed to find out what happened. It's just wild speculation without a proper analysis of what Windows Defender flagged as a trojan.
  5. Thanks for your helpful reply, @1PW. Much appreciated.
  6. What version of Malwarebytes are you using? Premium? Some info regarding scan options can be found here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/guides/mbam/Scan.html
  7. 1.) Yes. 2.) I hope so. 3.) This is a personal choice. I perform a quick scan daily and a normal, more thorough scan once a week. Probably not. I don't think Mac is immune to drive-by downloads. BTW, we even have a Malware Removal for Mac forum here. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/165-malware-removal-for-mac/
  8. I can't find the update reports either. They do not seem to exist any more. All I can see are the scan reports (and they are all listed in an illogical order).
  9. Buddel


    If you feel the need to install it, just do it. I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole. It's useless and it may not play well with the other security apps you're using. Just saying.
  10. Buddel


    I don't think there are many users these days who still use it. And why should anybody install security software that hasn't been updated for such a long time? And yes, installing/using software is always a personal choice.
  11. Buddel


    I wouldn't use it. Not needed at all.
  12. @nikhils This list should be part of the FAQ section for Malwarebytes 3 (What to exclude in third-party anti-malware apps, or something along those lines).
  13. Thanks for your reply, @dcollins Fixing this defect is not of paramount importance, but the current sort order is illogical and annoying. It's fine with me as long as this issue will be fixed with one of the next updates.
  14. Dear all, the items in the Reports list are neither shown in descending order nor in ascending order. I know that you can change the order by clicking the "Date and Time" button, but when I re-open Malwarebytes, the illogical order of list items is back. Could add an option for the user to change the order of the items shown in the Reports list? Thank you.
  15. Here's some more useful information: https://blog.malwarebytes.com/cybercrime/2017/05/wanacrypt0r-ransomware-hits-it-big-just-before-the-weekend/
  16. I need a browser, a decent email client and MS Office. I guess that's all I really need.
  17. There is no BEST solution. Just try a couple of apps, such as Avira, BitDefender Free, Avast etc. to find out what's best for YOU.
  18. No such email arrived here. Maybe a scam?
  19. This does look like a question, doesn't it: @Antec Please refrain from posting in this thread if you cannot add any meaningful content. Thank you.
  20. Here's the answer to your question: As has been mentioned already, this site is no longer blocked.
  21. What happens if you click this link: It's the "official" link for testing Malwarebytes Web Protection. Does this site get blocked by Malwarebytes?
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