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  1. After a quick scan, MBAM found this: Infizierte Registrierungsschl
  2. Let's hope it will never be a "full security suite". What I need is something that can be used as an addition to my AV/Suite, an additional layer of security, so to speak. I want something that detects malware my AV may miss. I'm glad I have found it: MBAM! Don't change a thing, guys and gals. MBAM is perfect. Some minor improvements are always welcome, of course, but it should by no means be turned into an AV or even a Suite. Kind regards, Buddel
  3. I would also like to test the real-time protection of MBAM (just curious ) , so hopefully there is something similar to Eicar.
  4. This is the reason why I think that "Scheduling" in the paid version should be different from the way it is now. MBAM can be set to check for updates automatically at a certain time once a day. Maybe it would be possible to change it, so that MBAM can be set to check for updates, say, every two or three hours. Would be great if this were possible.
  5. I have been using the Avira Security Suite and MBAM (both in real-time) for two days -- no problems so far (let's hope this won't change). BTW, COMODO BOClean is also installed on my machine.
  6. Thanks for your recommentation. I used Spybot a long time ago, but I didn't like it any more. It was kind of unstable on my computer, so I uninstalled it. What I still use is SpywareBlaster, another great app. I've been using it for many years and still like it.
  7. I know, I used their software a couple of years ago. (good choice, by the way)
  8. This is what I have found out so far: Avira They usually discourage people from using more than one real-time security app. MBAM and BOClean They seem to be of the opinion that the Avira Suite, MBAM and BOClean can all be run in real-time without any problems. Let's hope they are right. I haven't had any problems so far.
  9. Again, thanks a lot for your help. Great forum - and great product!
  10. OK, thanks for your help. So I will try using the Avira Suite, BOClean and MBAM all in realtime and see what happens.
  11. OK, compatiblity in one thing. However, what happens if a nasty tries to infect my machine? Will Avira, BOClean and MBAM all jump on it at the very same time, trying to kill it, and if they do, how will they react? Couldn't it be the case that this scenario may cause some problems? Another question: Is it enough to add the exe files of MBAM and BOClean to the respective whitelists. If not, how do I find out what processes need to be whitelisted?
  12. So MBAM and BOClean are not really compatible with each other, are they? What about the Avira Security Suite and MBAM? And what about MBAM and SuperAntiSpyware (real-time)?
  13. Dear all, I intend to run the following apps in real-time: Avira Security Suite MBAM BOClean (OS: Vista 32bit SP 1) Does this work or should I get rid of BOClean? Thanks for your reply in advance.
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