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  1. I can tell you what I did to get my whole computer scanned. I have a PC with Windows 10. I opened up File Explorer>>Hit hard drive and the files and folders appear in the right side of the screen at this point. I highlighted all that was in my hard drive on the right side of the screen, right clicked and chose "Scan with Malwarebytes" and it started to run. It found 275,124 files to scan. That's everything on the hard drive I suppose and It took over 4 minutes. Now normally I just hit Scan. When that happens that will take 58 seconds and it scanned 269,60 files. I did both just to see the difference. I do like everything scanned and they used to have the Custom scan to choose from but they don't any more. I don't know on a Mac but on a PC just do it the way I did it and you will see the difference. Then do the normal scan and then look at the math to see how many less files it scans during a normal scan. Glad I could help, others. JB
  2. I have Win 7 64 bit? Do I just download Malwarebytes and it does not matter about the 32 or 64 bit?
  3. Tried several times to paste into this post but it will not paste. I even put it into Word and copy and paste and it will not show up here. Does in other websites though. Anyhow from FileHippo I just click on Latest Version 16.71 MB and it shows up as. Sorry can't paste the name of it. Why doesn't this website let you paste? The name of the file is mbam-setup- ( I had to type this out manually)
  4. It does not seem to want to paste. How do you attach it? I can't paste anything on this website, even something simple.
  5. On 4/1/14 I just downloaded the new interface of Malwarebytes and did an update and scan. It found this trojan.fakeAV and it shows in the AppData folder is where it resides and is called Toolbar AcceptRate.exe So what is this and why did it come in from a antispyware company? BTW. Just did three computers in the past 1/2 hour and the same thing came up on all three. I got the program from FileHippo. And this ain't any April Fools Joke. This means that it came in from Malwarebytes.
  6. I have these soundbytes coming up on my laptop. They sound like commercials, Youtube soundbites about exercising, people arguing and swearing, people talking, etc. It seems to repeat at times so I have heard the same soundbites more than twice. I have scanned with Avast, Superantispyware, Malwarebytes, Tdsskiller, DDS, Roguekiller, ComboFix, GMER and CCleaner. I cleaned out my cookies from IE and Chrome as well. It was still there after these scans and cleans. I restored to a week ago. The soundbites came in today so I figured a week should do it but they came back. They only play when my wireless Internet button is on. I will shut off the wireless during the sounds and they run for about 30 seconds and stop and not come back. As soon as I put the wireless back on then the sounds come back in about 2 minutes. Ok three hours of this and the sounds are back. Any ideas? HP laptop with Vista on it and not many files, about 19 GB used. 3 GB ram, 2.2Ghz processor.
  7. What is the difference if I open up Malwarebytes or if I right click and choose Run As Administrator? Aren't they the same thing?
  8. I would like to get an answer from someone who really knows Malwarebytes completely. I just don't want someone's opinion even though I value other's opinion. It's just that I work on people's computers alot and I don't want to spend all my waking hours scanning computers. I want to know what is best for one particular computer with numerous usernames. Heck some of these computers have five usernames on them. Ok, now, Within Windows Explorer------------if I right click on their user profile folder and choose to scan this way ------------will that scan completely that profile with that profile's registry settings? With Malwarebytes installed you will have an icon if you right click on any folder on your computer and you choose to "Scan With Malwarebytes" Is it better to just log into separate profiles and do the scan this way. Or am I repeating a scan of the rest of the computer twice this way. What I don't want to do is to do a complete scan then log out and log into another profile and scan again then go into another profile and scan again. This is with three profiles of course. Windows is not loaded or copied three times just because it has three people using the computer with their own profiles.
  9. No one really knows if MWB will scan all users profiles on a computer to rid the pc of spyware. No one knows. No one knows if we should log into each user profile separately is the best choice. On Windows Vista you can actually have all profiles logged on. I wonder if this will let the main account scan all users thus the entire computer. Anyone have an answer to this? Got the free version too.
  10. I have three names or username logins on my Windows Vista computer. Do I have to go to each username, update and scan those profiles from within their profile with their own desktop? Or can I go into Windows Explore and scan their user profile folder? Or can I just go into my own user profile and that will scan the whole entire computer with all the usernames?
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