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  1. Why do you show time elapsed during a scan and not an estimated time remaining? I don't so much care how long it's taking as much as I'd care how much longer it has to go before being done. Comments?
  2. What about the registry items that were reported locked? Do they need to be locked back up or is it OK?
  3. 3 hours and 6 minutes. Wow. I was doing stuff while the scan was taking place n the background. Yes, I think we are done. Thank you for the attention to my issue and the help to fix it. I figured out how to move stuff from the Quarantine folder - the batch rename program. Here's the full scan log just for the heck of it. (nothing found) mbam-log-2011-03-02 (22-00-15).txt
  4. OK, quick scan actually took a shorter amount of time than it did when the topic started, but note about 100,000 less files. 161881 in 4 minutes 39 seconds. Log is attached. Nothing detected. I think we're back on track as I am an hour into the full scan (nothing detected yet) but I can't keep my eyes open. I'll let it finish scanning and post back tomorrow. Before we close this, after looking at the full scan log, can I 1. get an explanation on what we did and 2. help get the quarantined files back? mbam-log-2011-03-01 (21-26-12).txt
  5. OK, done. Combofix asked to update - I allowed it. Here's the resulting log file. (I forgot to mention...the first time I ran combofix, I got an error saying pev.exe failed, did I want to send a report. I did not. Once closed, combofix ran. Anything to be worried about? It did NOT do it when I just ran for the second time with the script file.) log2.txt
  6. OK, done. Combofix asked to update - I allowed it. Here's the resulting log file.
  7. I ran SPTD standalone installer and uninstalled. First question, how do I get it back when we're done? Defogger at least lets you disable and re-enable. Does this program? I ran combofix. My log is attached. I am a little troubled as it deleted a legit program. How do I get that back? Do you see anything? log.txt
  8. I'm sorry for the delay. Nothing detected. One locked file though. Believe it to be Daemon Tools virtual drive emulation. Should I run Defogger and disable it? TDSSKiller.
  9. Step 00 Done. System rebooted quickly after completeing, didn't get a chance to read the results. AT one point though I did see "The volume is clean". Step 01 Done. Removed 886mb. Nice. Step 02 Done. File attached. Step 03 Done. Not liking some of the entries where it says file can't be found. File attached. Step 04 Done. Files attached. ntbtlog.txt AutoRuns.zip DDS.txt Attach.txt
  10. I run Zone Alarm only. I wasn't sure how you wanted the logs so I attached them as files. I notice when running the Quick scan that's when it looks at users' temporary internet files etc., and Full scan it skips right past them. Clearly you can see Full scan took 47 seconds 156305 files and the Quick scan took 5 min 43 seconds 174072 files. Odd. Now running the same two scans right behind the first two produces different numbers. Also odd. Full scan 156263 files in 43 seconds and Quick scan 174033 files in 6 min 13 seconds. mbam-log-2011-02-21 (09-18-16).txt mbam-log-2011-02-21 (09-24-27).txt mbam-log-2011-02-21 (09-27-05).txt mbam-log-2011-02-21 (09-33-43).txt
  11. I've already asked this through email and have basically been told I don't know what I'm talking about and my situation is impossible, but: Full scans can at times take shorter than quick scans and both full and quick scans stop at different times. Example: I just ran a full scan that took only 59 seconds. I ran a quick scan after that took 7 minutes. The same quick scan right after took longer and the quick scan took a shorter amount of time. Something is going on. Could somebody consider helping out?
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