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  1. Thanks for the confirmation Pedro
  2. Well my sense is we won't see a Final Versions for quite some time. Months and Months. That's just an observation and I could be wrong.
  3. Well if it were me, I'd uninstall existing installation, clean up Registry(or not) and start again with Fresh download and installation. You can always look in Task Manager to see if AE is running.
  4. Off Topic Just couldn't drive by and not stop!. I've never seen anything similar. Hard to imagine "no conflicts" with a Security Profile like that. Interesting. lol
  5. Just in response to your initial inquiry. I have been running MBAE beta on my Win8 Pro 64Bit with FF(latest) + No Script and AdBlock for many months and have not experienced any issues or conflict with my OS configuration
  6. Thanks for the info. Pedro, always appreciated. Yes will mull it over and suggest if I come up with anything.
  7. I see the Shielded Application Counter inconsistancy/BUG is still present in this release. I personally don't understand why the counter can't tell if an app/Browser is open or not?? And how many are shielded??
  8. Thanks Pedro. That's correct for my installation of latest version.
  9. As far as my experience, the "shielded applications" counter has never worked consistently/properly from the very beginning (when the software was called ExploitShield) There has been confirmation of this I believe on several occasions.
  10. Just an FYI. Installed latest beta on Windows 8 64 Bit and have no issues with IE 10
  11. Yes, well I received an email from Zork many months back with an invite and download link to "Corporate Edition" version 0.1.4 and have been extremely satisfied to this point. So with this corporate version running great I am just trying to understand where this beta version stands in comparison to the corporate version I have been testing. Thanks again for your patience and time as I understand this topic
  12. Please, just to clarify, Sorry, when you say "once it is moved to stable version" which edition are you referring to. For me I have been testing the corporate edition, which as you know, shields/protects many more programs then the Browser edition; hence my interest. I obviously prefer the protection offered in the corporate edition.
  13. What would the noticeable difference be, between this beta program and Exploit Shield 'corporate edition'? Thanks in advance
  14. Thanks for the input AdvancedSetup. Please excuse my signature as am unable to update from when I innitially signed up.
  15. Just curious. Does this happen every time you use IE.? What version of IE? Have never had IE problems with my OS configuration on XP or Win8 PRo
  16. Anytime I can. Thanks again. Been using MBam Pro for years, and 'Z' from early beginning.
  17. Nice to see things have evolved this way!
  18. Thank you exile360: I appreciate your response. I am hoping this issue can be corrected sooner rather then later.(So far its been 6 msybe 7 days since the problem began I', sure we all miss MBam when its not functional, I know I do. Regards
  19. Wish I could say the same! I'm using v. MBam for On Demand Scans on my XP SP3 Laptop This suddenly happened 5 days ago and I still can not use MBam. I've done the 'CleanInstall after using mbam_Clean. (3-4 times) Didn't change anything. Tried simply deleting "ref.Rules". (3 times) That hasn't helped. So far I still get "the database isn't support" message everytime I try to use Mbam. Yet all is fine with my second computer XPSP3 Desktop. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  20. Hi: I didn't want to let this topic die as I am still not able to use MBam on one of my 2 computers. I have tried a 'Clean Install' using 'mbam-clean'; that didn't resolve the problem. Still can't execute MBam due to continued Popup "Database not suppported...Download the latest verson of the program" My Version is Demand) I then tried deleting "rules.ref" and letting MBam update with a new set; that hasn't resolved the issue. As I mentioned all this started 5 days ago.(First post) I am hoping that maybe a tech/mod. or 'experience' User could respond to this. Hopefully with a fix and/or some input as to "what the poblem is"? Thanks for any help.
  21. Hello, First Post! I updated MBam Free database on 2 computers (2)two days ago. (V. I believe this is the latest version. Both PC's are XP SP3. THey are kept clean and light. Have never had update issues One PC would not update, while the other did (and has since) with no problem. However, as mentioned earlier in this topic Mbam does not launch anymore; just same notice. I always update both computers at the same time. But one now has this problem. B) Is there a definitive fix for this problem as it just started out of the blue (2)Two days ago??? Any input is appreciated. Regards, WP Data Base Not Supported.bmp
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