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  1. I think it would have been useful if users were posting the exact entries for these Custom Shields. Curious to know what 'Profile' and 'File Path' folks are using for "Mozilla Thunderbird" on W8.1 64Bit?
  2. Yes just to pop in and say I also use sbie and have MBAE premium installed for those sessions with Browsers and circumstances I choose not to run 'sandboxed' Just saying I use both.
  3. Hi I also run an XP SP3 machine with mbae beta installed. The developer monitors this board regularly and always provides information/solutions.
  4. Yes, I can confirm this anomaly. UNINSTALL MBAE then RoboForm functions Interestingly, if FF is run in Sandboxie with MBAE installed, RoboForm functions as it should.
  5. Was just following and Good discussion. I think valid and good points on both sides of the question, Auto-quarantine or Not.
  6. Well this is m just my 2cents worth but I've seen this very frustration in many of the security/software products when major changes ocurr in the GUI. Scan times aside for a moment (because of the variables), whenever people/users/FINANCIAL supporters are used too and happy with a product, if major changes(cosmetically) are involved, there has to be an option to "Keep things the same". From my understanding, there are major improvements in the security function of MBam and for many that is never noticed. What is noticed, is buggy functioning, hanging modules and GUI changes cause frustration (not being able to navigate the way that was known). I have no major concerns and have also support MBam for quite a few years but these are simply some observations from my world.
  7. Yes, the developer is aware and has stated " is working on it".
  8. Ah, I have not seen that done 'that way' In forums I frequent, changing Topic headings or "started by" entries is typically not done. No matter,
  9. Yes I have been following his Topic however my specific issue just 'developed after today MS update' (Patch Tuesday) and the major update to W8.1 This is not associated with EMET and all was running fine immediately prior to MS updates. Not sure if it's related to the W8.1.1 major update or just the security update to IE11
  10. Well since latest IE 11 update and W8.1Pro 64 Bit update to 8.1.1 today, IE will not open when MBAE protection is enabled. Once disabled, IE opens normally " and then" when protection is Enabled all websites open normally within IE. If IE is closed and reopen is attempted there is no response UNTIL protection is Disabled, then open normally. Very odd and first issue had with MBAE 10.0.1000 Anyone else??
  11. Frankly, I prefer to be notified when an update has occurred. It would be great if you could hover the mouse over the MBAM icon and it would say "scheduled scanning" or "Updating" whatever is occurring.
  12. Good work. Update very smooth. Look forward to the remainder of the "list"
  13. Well, explains why I hadn't seen the issues Nesivos has been very thoroughly explaining.(Not running EMET) I also agree with the EMET assessment however I've always found the app very 'high maintenance' in the possible configurations I have used it over the years but not presently. edit
  14. For what's worth, no issues here with W8.1 64Bit, IE latest update and MBAE latest version Edit
  15. I still use xp for some specific tasks on old office equipment. Frankly, I'm pretty excited/interested in using xp after the "so called" end of the world. lol I have been virus free for many years doing what I do, the way I do it. I'll just keep doing things the same way. It will be interesting/fun to see how long before any issues arise. If they ever do
  16. I hadn't really thought about it, But where would one go ( link to) to buy another Lifetime License.?
  17. I think the points made are valid but I personally get shivers when there is talk of adding function/scanning to a program designed to do one thing effectively. I'm just saying.
  18. Personally, I also would like to see the specification "Lifetime" in my Account Licensing information.
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