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  1. Yes, thanks pedro. Installed over top of 1.04 on both my systems. Smooth, no issues and I will say am impressed with how instantaneously "added shields" appear. No lapse. Nice.
  2. Yes, I've been monitoring for a few weeks and see posts about v.1.05 but no response yet by Pbust.
  3. Agreed with prior posts. Also - Always keep OS and every software program up to date - Layered Security protection with combined on demand scanning - Think before you 'Click' NO Wait, Think again then 'Click' - Think of it as having fun in a Battle field. -Ever vigilant.
  4. Thanks I'll do that Pedro Apologies for reconfirming what was already known.
  5. OK, finally got to my xp and my observations regarding MBAE v.1.04 and RoboForm The only Browser I use on this machine is FF latest. Appologies if this is old hat as I didn't have time to read any prior reports of this issue. If AntiExploit protection is enabled prior to starting FF then RoboForm does not function properly. If AntiExploit protection is disabled prior to starting FF then RoboForm functions properly. Note: AntiExploit protection can then be enabled and RoboForm continues to function properly Please this is very limited testing . It seems just disabling AntiExploit protection while Browser is open doesn't resolve the non functioning of RoboForm. Anti Exploit protection has to be disabled PRIOR to open the Browser and then can be enabled. RoboForm then functions (drop down menu, Form fill etc.)
  6. I'm not at my xpSP4 32Bit machine at the moment but installed v. 1.04 and also run RoboForm. Unfortunately, I shut down shortly after install so didn't take notice. I will check things out asap. I'm sure someone else running xp will chime in before I get back.
  7. Sorry, just to amend my observations and not sure if relevant however, after reboot from initial install of 1008 it now takes 2 right clicks to produce typical program choices. No result with first right click, Second right click responds appropriately.
  8. Thought I'd check that issue here and no problem on W8.1.1 x64Bit Icon right click produces typical program choices.
  9. Nice work on the v. 1.04 builds, very smooth for me; but then little chance for java interaction on my W8.1.1
  10. Very good news indeed. If successful, Again Malwarebytes becomes a leader among many.
  11. Yes, I get that. I guess I misinterpreted a statement in the locked Thread v. to mean the shields "won't" be activated. My bad.
  12. As long as help is received, I'm OK with that. There is a Free Version and Premium version of CryptoPrevent just to finish up.
  13. You should be OK as I've read MBAE does protect. I also use a program called "CryptoPrevent" which specifically targets Crypto Wall variants.
  14. Was using the latest 'release' Premium version. Installed Experimental version on W8.1.1 64 bit and presto, my Premier license was inserted and all shields are running as well as added some. Nice
  15. Ah, thanks for the information. Appreciate your time.
  16. Thanks for your reply Pedro. Will v.1.04 be a Fresh install .exe or will this version update come through automatically?
  17. Hi Pedro, I've been reading the activity with the experimental version(s) over the past months and am curious if any will be making it's way to a version update of v
  18. Agreed, also commenting on my recent experience was not intended to cast suspicion on this company only the process of "Auto Renewal"
  19. Frankly, you're not alone. From everything I've been researching, I have no doubt whatsoever, there is a significant Block of the Internet consumers that not only will not support/deal with a product purchase that requires a "No opt out" commitment to automatic renewal; but still refuse to use Credit Cards on the internet. I recently attempted a purchase of a Security Software program via Internet with a "Bought" Visa card that obviously would not be valid for auto-renewal (Visa guarantees the funds these cards are validated for), The purchase was not successful, the process would not accept the Visa Card. Tried for days with the Card. Makes me wonder (concerned) even more, if in fact the forced Auto Renewal can over ride a "Paid for" Visa Card because it can't be subject to "Auto Renewal".
  20. Yes, nice to see. Personally I would expect nothing less from a good company/corporation.
  21. For what it's worth, I have been reading about "Auto-Renewal" issues on 3 other forums. Transactions don't proceed unless auto renewal is chosen, if unticked the transaction fails. Inability of users to find the "Unsubscibe from Auto-Renewal" information/link/page, hidden in some obscure location. Having to chase the dog via phone support and the list goes on. In general with any online purchase, I feel this approach appears to be a forced 'marketing hook' from my perspective.
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