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  1. Anyone testing these Scenarios on W10 Preview??
  2. Even though I've used for years still/ Frankly, very high.
  3. Very nice. Installed on both OS and no issues to report. Definitely like the 'edit' option for Custom Shields. Thanks Pedro.
  4. Thanks Pedro, I thought as much. But always good to confirm.
  5. Curious, As W10 final release is speeding up on us, just curious if any issues can/will be expected between MBAE, with the Upgrading to W10?
  6. Clean install from beta status and all fine also.
  7. If I'm understanding correctly, I also think it would be an excellent addition; to have the specific Apps that are "actively" running and shown " Shielded" on the GUI listed somewhere. Often the GUI can show many apps shielded but not easy to remember which ones (if you needed/wanted too). I have 'over' a dozen custom shielded apps along with default apps in Premium version and remembering is......well lets just say, a challenge.
  8. Great job, Thanks Pedro. Installed over existing 1.05 and everything just fine. Come a long way since the beginning
  9. Hi Just a thought. C:\ProgramData will be a "Hidden Folder" Unless you have "Hidden Folders" checked when accessing 'View' in your options, it's not visible.
  10. Just an added thought I've never needed to attempt, however will MBAE install in SafeMode?
  11. Monitoring as I've had odd, occasional closing/crashing in IE 11 when opening 2 nd Tab.
  12. Interesting, I've used Zemana Pro with XP and W8.1 with MBAE always installed and no issues with applications running or installs. Very typical compatibility in my experience.
  13. Yes, also to add; No problems with MBAE Premium (latest) and KTS 2015 on Win 8.1 64Bit No additions or disabling required for either,
  14. Hi guys, just following along and have to say some good information Pedro.
  15. Yes, I get that, and think it could stir up exposure, if that's what is hoped for. I've used mbae since before time and would offer up my first born son for a 'Lifetime License' Just joking of course
  16. After reboot and several hours up time MBAE Service sits static at 1.7MB Also nice UI enhancement Thanks again Pedro
  17. Thanks for the build Pedro, already looks better with MBAE Service sitting at under 1MB Will post back in several hours
  18. Hi Pedro. Any chance of trying the fix as well. Using
  19. Hi, just for added information (unless I'm missing something) I have not noticed any issues with icons or booting with on my Win 8.1 64Bit OS configuration.
  20. I'm curious and excuse, I've notice in the GUI LOGS entries such as: "Internet Explorer (and add-ons) has been enforced with B......" What is the full shield message? B........ Also, with the entry the icon is Black not Red. Possibly with situation like this if the full enforcement message can't be shown them hovering mouse could provide full information. Thanks in advance.
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