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  1. Thanks for your time Pedro, I agree with you on Kaspersky. I always find it distastful and concerning when any company thinks their the big dog and shows that in their irrogance. I'm looking forward to MBAE 1.08
  2. For what it's worth. I've been using Avast Premier on my xp OS for years and have always had MBAE installed (and previous name versions) and have never been attacked or infected and both installations have served their purpose. I use SafeZone all the time for Banking/financial data. SafeZone Browser is an iscolated environment and my understanding is, with an Avast variation of Chrome (but is not Goggle Chrome). This environment is meant specifically for banking/finanacial transactions and not designed for Browsing. Running your Browsers in Avast "SANDBOX" is meant for Browsing. https://www.avast.com/en-us/faq.php?article=AVKB44#idt_404
  3. OK, thanks for that, however I had/have been following the KTS Sub Forum (where there is no response to posters on this issue) not the KIS Sub Forum so I missed that discussion. I see now you have merged the information in the KTS Sub Forum with your link to KIS. That works.
  4. I do not receive a MBAE message each time I close and reopen Edge. Only the first initial use of Edge after a Boot up. I don't have MBAM Premium running real time. edit: This 'one time' protection message Bug was mentioned earlier in a post that I now can't seem to find.
  5. Thanks Pedro Step 1 worked and Edge Custom Shield has been applied.
  6. Hi Pedro. My installation of the latest premium version is working smoothly after upgrade to W10 and MS Edge opens and functions great with no custom shield, However when I add the shield you have posted (microsoftedge*.exe) Edge doesn't open. Remove the shield and voila no issue. Just FYI
  7. I certainly hope this issue gets resolved soon. At this point I have withheld installing KTS 2016 and have remained with 2015 so as to keep MBAE installed. There are some major improvments with KTS 2016 for Windows 10 I don't want to stop using MBAE however, my Internet Security program is fundamentally important and does take priority.
  8. Hi I'm sure there will be further comments however it is true that many users with W10 installed also have MBAE installed and functioning properly. Have said that , there are however issues with MS EDGE and MBAE that are being experienced by users and being investigated. Just my 2 cents worth
  9. Yes that's correct. That's the experience I reported also in Post#14 That is also the case with KTS 2016 public release I had installed previously and reported. Next to NO discussion noticeable on K forum
  10. Stated earlier in this Topic Posted in #10 says that worked for him. Although didn't work for me on W10 64Bit
  11. Hi You could also post on Wilders Security Forums if further information is not readily avalible. http://www.wilderssecurity.com/
  12. Slightly OT But jbionic you should consider dumping S&D (and TeaTimer) and invest in a MBAM Premium License (Lifetime if available) and run that real time along side of MBAE Spybot is outdated and can't compare to MBAM. IMO
  13. @idle Well That doesn't work here on my W10 configuration as with that shield applied MS EDGE simple hung and wouldn't resond. Delete the Custom Shield and all worked fine.
  14. Ok thanks for your time Pedro, sounds like you are investigating further. Possibly fill us in when you have a better idea of the new browser​.
  15. Thanks Pedro. Just FYI when I entered Spartan.exe first and then went to enter browser_broker.exe it said "the application you are trying to shield is already shielded". So I would assume just entering Spartan.exe was sufficient. Does that sound right? :-)
  16. How would you properly enter that Custom Shield?
  17. Just an update. I have installed W10 on one 64 BIT system and have KTS v.© and latest MBAE premium running just fine.
  18. Ah, of course. Sometimes I forget the competitor part and only think Cooperative Over all Security For me I'm just trying to get all my ducks in an order "Anti Virus Security" wise so I have compatible software to go ahead and Install Windows 10; which I have waiting on deck to install
  19. Well there is some talk that a compatibility issue may exist. I recently attempted install of KTS v. 8243 on both my W8.1 OS's and both run latest MBAE premium. No Browsers would open/respond so I uninstalled KTS v.16 and submitted a Kasp. support ticket.' There is mention of conflicts and MBAE on Kasp forum. So just throwing this out as I wait to see what support logs provide the techs at Kasp
  20. Just to note, in my experience over the years it seems to me that if it is MICROSOFT there will always be a dedicated group that seem committed to exploiting this OS and variable components. Just my opinion.
  21. IMO, one should always buy "direct from the Vender". Pirated Key/Licenses disguised as 'a bargain' is not a new development and has been going on for years. Cheaper seldom is better!
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