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  1. Patiently waiting for Beta 6 and hopefully a resolution to this 'very common' issue.
  2. Good points, I also would be interested in information on both questions.
  3. Again this is without any position of authority, however I have been testing MBARW on two OS's that currently have CryptoPrevent running for a few weeks No apparent issues as yet...for me.
  4. Installed MBARW on both W8.1 64 BIT and W10 64 BIT a week ago and report no issues, no false positves and no protection issues. Looking good so far
  5. What you have experienced is unfortunate. Loosing work is always stressful. I always recommend to folks that installing and running 'any beta' software on a Production Machine is never a good idea.
  6. Very interesting/educational information.
  7. Just an FYI The 'auto update' process worked like a charm on all my OS's
  8. Yes just fyi, no issues here on "latest" Win10 64Bit and MBAE Premium "latest" version.
  9. In addition to the information provided by Pbust, CRYPTO PREVENT specializes in the CryptoLocker/ Wall variants. An excellent addition to a layered security profile:https://www.foolishit.com/cryptoprevent-malware-prevention/
  10. MBAE support is without a doubt better then Microsoft support for ANYTHING!
  11. Yes agreed, again if I'm not mistaking that entry is a W10 entry(entered by OS) not the installation of MBAE.(MBAE Installer) Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. If I'm not mistaking, that is simply the MBAE Icon. Totally harmless!
  13. Hi This was asked and answered here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/173476-solved-chrome-not-showing-protection-balloon-notifications/
  14. Thanks Pedro For me, I think this 'begs the question', Will Kaspersky keep throwing a wrench into things as updates come? Only time will tell. I hope the fix is universal; permanently resolves this issue.
  15. I'm seeing the same here with KTS installed. However, for me on W10 I have to 'Stop Protection' to get FF latest or IE11 to work. Deacitvating Browser shield doesn't help. No issue with MS Edge though. Unfortunately for me, switching AV at this point isn't an option. I will watch intently hoping a fix is applied to MBAE.
  16. Installed 1031 over top 1030 on both OS's Was a hiccup on my W8.1 as with the over top upgrade I found the well known message that service wasn't running and MBAE needed to close. Tried a couple of reboots but no change. Uninstalling and clean reinstalling Fixed the glitch. Alls good.
  17. Thanks Pedro. V. 1023 has solved the issue for me on W10 64 Bit Appreciate the hard work.
  18. Updated to latest version on my W10 OS and all settings were retained, no issues, excellent work. Thanks EDIT: My appologies, Turns out I had to go back to v. as FF latest version fails to open as well as Kaspersky Safe Money protected browser.
  19. Nice work, kudos to you and your team. This version has solved all problem encountered with my OS's configuration and KTS 2016
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