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  1. I forgot to say that I dont see how to disable my virus scanner.. we run Microsoft Security Esentials.. any idea how to disable it?? Now I will wait for anothe responce from you thanks so much Aleahh
  2. Hi thanks for the responce. I downloaded it from downloads.com I think thats what it was, I found it on a google search. Im a little scared of this stuff. But I will do what u said.. here goes. I will report back. thanks Aleahh
  3. I just downloaded Malwarebytes Antimalware version 1.41 I have windows 7 on a Sony Vaio Laptop.. I downloaded it. and scanned...... computer was clean. but when I his update it wont update it says,.. An error occured please report the following error code tot he maleare bytes Anti Malware support team Error Code 732 (0,0) any help??? Thanks. Aleahh
  4. My computer was slow and I had tons of popups etc.. and alot of my settings were changed. We have comcast and run Mcaffee from them for free. So I ran it and didnt pick up anything. Somhow I found Malwarebytes and it showed a Trogen and I finaly got rid of it. Ok.. I am wondering a couple things here, if somome will please help me. Is Malwarebytes also a virus scanner than will run continualy like Mcaffe ? Also can I also download it to my husbands computer? Should I delete the Mcaffees? Thanks soo much in advance if you can help!!!
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