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  1. Malwarebytes scored really low on the AV tests.... What happened?
  2. I downloaded the latest update from post#31 (not the support tool), installed it, had to reboot, and it's fixed. It is a complicated piece of software so... ***** happens.
  3. I see, using the default install drive fixes the bug. I keep all my programs on D:\ drive. I will live with this popup feature until the next fix happens
  4. Personally, I always avoid Beta programs. I am not a tester but an end-user. So the advice to install Beta updates goes beyond the pale. If it's a genuine fix, then let's see a genuine program update
  5. That worked for me... resetting the hosts file and rebooting
  6. My English is quite poor. What is a "power-down reset" Thanks
  7. My suggestion would be to reinstate the option for direct download of malware defs (mbam-rules) in the next upgrade to v. 3.xx. thanks
  8. Oh, sorry to hear that. I do believe that this option should be reinstated in any new version.
  9. Could someone leave a link to a straight download of the latest defs?
  10. V. 3.xx has been buggy since the start. I'm waiting for 3.07 or 3.1 to fix.
  11. This morning I have this popup happening continuously. Is this a sign of attack, someone testing my ports? If I closed malwarebytes program, would I suffer an attack from this IP??
  12. Ah, I get it, Malwarebytes protects itself from any changes by malware. thanks
  13. I would like to minimize it at startup. Am I missing a configuration that does this ?
  14. Found out what the problem was. It was having enabled large jumbo packets on my gigabit network card. Went back from 9014 to 1514 and problem resolved. Tinypic.com for some reason does not like jumbo packets.
  15. MS I explorer has no add-ons and it happens with this as well. thinking about downloading chrome and trying.
  16. uninstalled and problem persists. I do not necessarily attribute this weirdness to Malwarebytes. It was just a possibility because I know it blocks websites.
  17. cleaned up and flushed. mbm off and still the same. thank you for your efforts.
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