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  1. Removing MBAM Splash

    Hi and thank you for your reply. The only notifications, Scans, Scan Results and Database Updates were already unchecked and the phone has been rebooted numerous times since I installed MBAM. However, since the splash is more of a pest than a problem, I think I'll just live with it. Thanks once again to yourself and daledoc1 for your inputs.
  2. Removing MBAM Splash

    i hope that the following info is that which you require: App version: 2.00. 3. 9000 Malware DB Version: 201( Malicious URL DB Version: 2016.01.30.02 Phone Carrier: Vodafone Phone Brand and Model: Vodaphone Smart Ultra 6 Android System: v5.1(Lollipop) Rooted: Don't know Other Security: None came with the phone but MBAM (free) now installed
  3. Installed MBAM this morning but keep getting this splash each time the phone is switched on. Can't find how to remove it in settings so can anyone help please?
  4. Removing Banner

    Thank you dale doc. Yes, I did have a look through settings but couldn't see any reference to removing the splash from the screen. Will look again before acting on your advice. Meantime, thank you for your quick reply.
  5. Removing Banner

    The offending banner!
  6. Removing Banner

    Installed MBAM on my wife's mobile phone earlier but every time she switches on the phone a banner " Malwarebytesantimalware crushes malware" or words to that effect appears on the screen. How can she get rid of it please?