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  1. I've got MBAM Pro recently and it's working great, except for one thing: It constantly blocks some weird IP's, which aren't known to me. I tried searching them in Google, but nothing helpful came out, so I decided to ask my question here. Here comes the log from today (14th of March) 2012/03/14 08:08:26 +0200 DENICA-349-BL MESSAGE Starting protection 2012/03/14 08:08:47 +0200 DENICA-349-BL MESSAGE Protection started successfully 2012/03/14 08:08:50 +0200 DENICA-349-BL MESSAGE Starting IP protection 2012/03/14 08:09:20 +0200 DENICA-349-BL my computer MESSAGE IP Protection started successfu
  2. I asked several months ago and they offered solutions which didn't helped.
  3. Yes, I've tried and I don't know where the heck is the cached plugin manager. I don't have skype entry in Windows CleanUP Utility
  4. Right, so I have problem installing Skype. It states error 1603 and lack of access to several keys but I'm admin and I added full control... still I can't install it. Help!
  5. Ready. Everything is ok now. What about the OTL log? I see some "Not found' entries. do they need fixing?
  7. Please try to put it now. Maybe some of these 'DB optimizations' erased it.
  8. No one security product catch HOSTS file, even if hijacked. You must edit it manually, with HOST manager(just like this in HJT) or with a command(for OTL, for example)
  9. Another thing the OP could do, is to uninstall any new installed addons in any of the browsers.
  10. Good suggestion. However, I really doubt MBAM will block tinypic. No one knows however. Edit: Well, then it is not the ISP.
  11. Prediction. As standart troubleshouting does nothing, its better for the user to contact the support. Edit: MBAM is off and the problem still persist. Then this should be the ISP or something.
  12. Okay.. It pretty seems this is a problem with MBAM. I'd recommend you to contact http://malwarebytes.org/contact.php for further assistance. (As you're a paying customer) Lets cleanup OTL Open OTL Click Clean Up! You will be prompted to restart. Select your choice(you can leave it for next reboot) This will cleanup OTL and some other tools Did you try to stop MBAM completely? Try flushing DNS cache again.
  13. They are not named OTL.. C:\_OTL\MovedFiles Find logfile beggining with 02112011 or something..
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