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  1. I understand, thanks for yalls time....
  2. So to run a manual one time scan with rootkit scan enabled, what is the procedure.
  3. Thanks so much....One follow up....I am good with leaving the rootkit button off. I assume you would use it if only you think you are infected.
  4. About my MWB Premium Lifetime Account 1. My scheduled scans take about 1 minute, 5 sec. Is that right. Seems like they used to take a lot longer. Also cannot see where to run different kinds of scans or a "Scan Nor" button to run a scan manually. I am up to date on all updates. My pc is usually sleeping when the scan runs, but runs immediately upon wake up. 2. Under "Settings" "Application" 'Windows Action Center"...."Never register MWB in the WAC" is checked. "Let MWB apply the best WAC settings based on your system" is recommended. Should I change that? 3.Under "Settings" "Protection" ..."Scan for rootkits" is off. Should I turn that on?
  5. Then De Activated my account, then re downloaded it, and all was good to go.
  6. Don't know if this will help anyone, but I had to start by going to the My Accounts log in page and create an Account (separate from the account/password I use to sign in with this forum) Then could access the My Account portal with my info on it.
  7. The EXACT same thinlg happened to me when I updated earlier this week..Got the EXACT same message. I have a lifetime license also. With the help of one of the MWB guys got it going...If you read ahead in this forum, a ton of people with the lifetime licenses are having the same issue.
  8. DOH.....how could I not see that....meant to block those #s out with Paint before posting, but got sidetracked....Thanks for having that post removed....All Good
  9. I am in the MWB my account....they have all my key and lic #s ame as I have written down. Clicked the Subscription tab. Do NOT see where to Deactivate
  10. Got an email from MWB asking me to set up account separate frm this one. Did so. Re Downloaded installation ....no help
  11. Only one machine, my PC...I purchased my MWB premium in 2011. Using Chrome
  12. After checking other posts in the forum (which I should have done first) I believe I need to open up a support ticket. When I click on a link to take me there, the page goes dark after a second and I can't do anything...not black dark, just a shadow dark, can still read whats there but willl not let me do anything.
  13. Also seems like I now have a temp. premium account with 13 days left.when I try to activate get pop up I mentioned earlier
  14. Got a notice to update my MWP premium account. Wouldn't update, and got a pop up saying "The usage lever has exceeded the maximum installations allowed. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license. Please select one of the following actions: Deactivate other devices." I have my original e mail with my key and license #. What do I need to do?
  15. Worked like a charm. Thanks so much for the help.
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