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  1. just now updated to mb4, and looking at ui which most is light/white colored i just goint to request it and find this thread so yeah joining to vote for Dark/Night-Theme it would be even greater if it can auto-theme to match windows theme (either light or dark/night)
  2. hello i just come to check for latest news, and noticing that release-history on main sites (https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/releasehistory/) not uptodate reading on support section, malwarebytes team seems going to release 3.8.x soon? so imho its good idea to keep the release-history pages updated while its not really important because latest-update always pushed thru client but sometimes like me now, i just go to sites and for checking out latest version and also what changes in the latest release. thanks
  3. hello everyone i having an issue here there is android simulator software called "BlueStacks", because i am no longer use it, i uninstalled it but the uninstaller is so lame... it done anything at all, like leaving the proggram behind, services that created by the proggram still there, startup files also there, and tons of registry it basically just remove the desktop shortcut so i removing it manually. it went good until i tried to remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks it basically empty registry folder, but i can't delete it... it said error, file cannot be found please see the attachment (sorry for the language, i am using japanese windows7 ) i tried regassasin to remove it but still got no success anyone can help me remove this annoying things thank you very much
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