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  1. ok i understand thanks for the help i will purchasing malwarebytes wishing you all at malwarebytes merry christmas and a happy new year
  2. sorry i am new to this pc thing wot do you get for the if you buy malwarebytes for the
  3. I also would like to personaly thank you guys at Malwarebytes scaned my pc with pc tools spywaredoctor and found virus trojan DNS changer trojan downloader popuper trojan botnet /dropper pressed FIX virus gone restartid pc scaned again with spywaredoctor virus back on my pc after 6 scans and restarts virus still there done a google search for the named virus above and seen this guy on utube installing Malwarebytes on a pc d/L Malwarebytes and scaned with Malwarebytes. results it found the 3 virus pressed fix. virus gone. restart pc scaned virus gone fixed for good. uninstalled spywaredoctor and useing Malwarebytes thank you guys [thanks for it being free] regards andy
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