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  1. Ransomware

    I can't get past the password screen, all it does is reboot the PC, but I can run the hard drive on my test PC and see if I can fix the SAM, if this is related to that.
  2. Ransomware

    Nope, no one asked for any remote connection, but he did see a message that popped up saying his PC was infected and to call a number. So this may not be ransomware, if so how to fix it?
  3. Ransomware

    So no one has any ideas on how to fix this one???
  4. Ransomware

    OK, I have a customer that was hit by some nasty ransomware, I have tried every known scan I can think of and also several sites to try and ID this one, but nothing has helped, anyone have an idea on this one? All I get when booting up in to Windows 10 is this. Have tied every password known for this PC and zip, after 3 tries it re-boots. I'm just about to dump this one in the river, any help would be appreciated.