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  1. OK kids, I just tried turning off the web protection trick and got this.....(see photo) So now what is going on????? I need to get these computers back on-line ASAP as they are for cabinet design. Do I have to disable MWB or revert back to the last working version?
  2. If your looking for more users with this problem I just made a post about my PC locking up, I wish I saw this thread before I created a post about it. I have 2 PC's (both Dells) with Windows 7 on them (one has W7 ultimate, the other has W7 pro) that are freezing up totally at random times, you have to do a complete power down to unfreeze them, I have run all hardware tests and ran tweak on the OS, nothing found, all malware tests and AV tests find zip. Both PC's started doing this around mid December of 2018, is this a bug in a W7 update??? I would love to hear about a fix or possible cause for this. And have no idea on what this ""Kernel-Mode debugging"" would be, I'm a hardware guy, this software is beyond me, but if I can help please contact me. Terryl
  3. As the title says the computer is locking up, I have run all diagnostics on the hardware and my OS (Windows 7 Pro) and tried all other tests I can think of, the only thing left would be some sort of hidden malware that is not being found during a standard malwarebytes test, I'm running MWB premium, version, Component version 1.0.508, Update package version 1.0.8684. Anything that can be done to test deeper????? I'm at a loss here... Terryl I
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