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  1. OK kids, I just tried turning off the web protection trick and got this.....(see photo) So now what is going on????? I need to get these computers back on-line ASAP as they are for cabinet design. Do I have to disable MWB or revert back to the last working version?
  2. If your looking for more users with this problem I just made a post about my PC locking up, I wish I saw this thread before I created a post about it. I have 2 PC's (both Dells) with Windows 7 on them (one has W7 ultimate, the other has W7 pro) that are freezing up totally at random times, you have to do a complete power down to unfreeze them, I have run all hardware tests and ran tweak on the OS, nothing found, all malware tests and AV tests find zip. Both PC's started doing this around mid December of 2018, is this a bug in a W7 update??? I would love to hear about a fix or possible cause for this. And have no idea on what this ""Kernel-Mode debugging"" would be, I'm a hardware guy, this software is beyond me, but if I can help please contact me. Terryl
  3. As the title says the computer is locking up, I have run all diagnostics on the hardware and my OS (Windows 7 Pro) and tried all other tests I can think of, the only thing left would be some sort of hidden malware that is not being found during a standard malwarebytes test, I'm running MWB premium, version, Component version 1.0.508, Update package version 1.0.8684. Anything that can be done to test deeper????? I'm at a loss here... Terryl I
  4. I can't get past the password screen, all it does is reboot the PC, but I can run the hard drive on my test PC and see if I can fix the SAM, if this is related to that.
  5. Nope, no one asked for any remote connection, but he did see a message that popped up saying his PC was infected and to call a number. So this may not be ransomware, if so how to fix it?
  6. So no one has any ideas on how to fix this one???
  7. OK, I have a customer that was hit by some nasty ransomware, I have tried every known scan I can think of and also several sites to try and ID this one, but nothing has helped, anyone have an idea on this one? All I get when booting up in to Windows 10 is this. Have tied every password known for this PC and zip, after 3 tries it re-boots. I'm just about to dump this one in the river, any help would be appreciated.
  8. Been there, done that, read my #2 post, virus scan found nothing, MWB found nothing, (using the test setup) and I don't have a log of that scan available.
  9. Updates??? What updates?? As far as waiting it out, I started the scans at or around 11PM, in the morning around 9AM, the scan was not done, it lockes up the malwarebyte program running on that PC, you can't do anything with that program, you have to do a program shutdown via task manager to stop MWB, and as far as a network time out I don't think so, it is a 1000 Mbps network, never had a network timeout with that speed. If your product is not suted for a scan on an attached network drive, then why does it put them in the scanable drives list?
  10. I guess no one knows how to fix this one. More info: I took the network drive off line and removed the hard drive, then set it up on my hard drive test bed, all scans ran just fine, MWB ran all the way to the end, and didnt find a thing, ran all other type tests and found nothing wrong with that drive. Re-installed the drive and connected it back in to the network, tried a MWB scan of it and it did the same thing, stopped at about 75 to 80% and locked up MWB. This is a puzzle....???? Anyone have an idea on what to do next? I will try from a differant PC and differant operating system, the lockup occurs on a PC running XP Pro, will try W7 Ultimate.
  11. Howdy all, I have a small problem with the free version of MWB scanning a network drive. It scanned the "C" and "D" drives on the PC just fine, and didn't find anything, but when it gets about three quarters through with the "L" network drive MWB freezes up, and not at the same file or location I have to do an "End Task" via task manager to shut the program down. Anyone have an idea what may be going on? The network drive is a Buffalo Systems link station. Terryl
  12. OK two things, one is that MS has not answered back on my request about those files. And the second thing is that the laptop looks to be now sending out spam, the owner called me this morning and said that his inbox was full of returned undeliverable E-mails to people that he doesn't even know, he has over 50 in one day, I told him to shut it off when not in use. He ran a scan with MWB and it found nothing, I wonder if something is hiding in that folder and wont let MWB in to scan it, I wish MS would answer me back as to if I can delete that folder, or will that make a difference now that it is infected with something. Looks like this old dog is to far out in left field to teach a new trick to. Terryl
  13. No it doesn't freeze as I have them in the ignore list. And I don't know if I can remove them with out system problems, I may have to ask someone at MS.
  14. I have removed those files from the zip drive and transferred them to a CD ROM disk, their safe now, stored where they will do no harm (skull and cross bones on the CD label)....The zip drive is back to normal...Hope you dont have any problems with those files like I did. And OOOhhh it's nice to be able to edit posts.....Thanks for the welcome to the new level and have fun with those files..
  15. And be careful as I don't now what it may do to the PC it's tested on.
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