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  1. Thanks, just tried this and now it works OK for me with the exclusion removed.
  2. @Slowman You need to add a file using Allow a File or Folder
  3. That's interesting. The allow list solution still works for me. Are you sure it's still in the allow list?
  4. I can confirm that this update does not fix the problem.
  5. Ho Hum. The problem is back with component package 1.0.787. The same exclusion fixes it.
  6. Today's update to component package 1.0.785 appears to have fixed this issue. Thank you.
  7. When photoshop starts I get a message that there is a problem with the Generator. If I dismiss that message I can't use the File->Export->Export As. I get the message again and the export dialog fails to populate. I will produce the logs tomorrow as we are just going into Patch Tuesday updates and I have a number of PCs to update.
  8. Yesterdays update breaks Photoshop CC 2020. PS reports a problem with the Generator function and you cannot export jpg and other picture files. I have tracked the problem down to the Ransomware protection. A work around is to exclude the entire c:/Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop 2020 folder from Ransomware detection. I am on MB Update Package 1.0.15934 Component Package 1.0.777
  9. I got the flash of an error message on shutdown too fast to read though.
  10. Mine seemed to be at shutdown too as there was the flash of an error message on the way down.
  11. I have also had a crash on rebooting but it has only happened the once for me
  12. I have the same issue. MB service running at 30%, web protection off.
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