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  1. Bigly installed ransomware on my computer while using Vuze to switch to them. McAfee or Malware did not prevent it.
  2. I'm getting better did not go back into hospital. Anyway problem is still there. I even tried restore and this log on screen still appears before windows lock screen. Is there a program that can download my computer info to better help you to help me? This could be a hack attempt.
  3. Been home for a few hours from the hospital and the screen has disappeared. Must of had something to do with logging onto the hospital wifi guest account. Don't know how to delete the files on my computer that caused the above screen while using their WiFi Was there for 16 days and looks like I need to go back, dam!
  4. With Windows 10 December update a New Windows 10 unlock screen has appeared before the normal one. How do I get rid of this? (MALWARE?)
  5. AnyDVD found a new dll file that blockes the user from making movies, my computer is infected with it. Is there any hope Malwarebytes may come out with a fix for this?
  6. I have a lifetime membership for Malwarebytes but I cannot activate the program. I also cannot log onto y account after resetting my password. I've emailed you several times with no reply. You are not the same company where customers mattered! You have gotton to big and lost your commitment to users! Please fix my account t and lifetime membership. I've had to redo my laptop several times due to infections / malware.
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