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  1. Thanks very much for this reply. Exported the list to TXT (attached). By the way, I noticed when going through the list that it says Rootkits are not included in the scan. In the Scan options rootkits are checked ON (i.e. included). Curious. MalwareBytes detection list 23-May-2021.txt
  2. Thanks for this reply. Will do as soon as I can find out how to post logs.
  3. Recently MB has been detecting numerous threats. I have immediately quarantined them but would like to know where they came from so that I can avoid these sources of infection. MB lists the threats with names which mean nothing to me. Each time I have to thrash around the internet searching for the names, generally unsuccessfully. Clearly, I can ask MB's superb support service each time but wondered if MB could give me hint each time by automatically including in the listing of the threat a list of its possible sources, e.g. "infected" websites or software. Or is this technically impossible ?
  4. I am having the same (or a similar) problem on a Windows 7 machine. Ran MalwareBytes full scan with updated database (well, OK, it said my database was already up to date)and it detected Extension.Mismatch. I deleted it, restarted the computer as instructed. A couple of days later I ran a MalwareBytes Quick scan and it did not detect problems. Today I ran a full scan and Extension.Mismatch was there again. I removed it and the log file said "Files Infected: c:\programdata\Trusteer\Rapport\store\user\conf\36848\logos\4cc5442da9bbbcc37becf7380e509c7a_var_0.png (Extension.Mismatch) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully". What is Extension.Mismatch ? Is it malware ? If so, how is it managing to reinfect my machine and how do I remove it definitively ?
  5. Thanks for this valuable information. I've just bought the product and have the ID and key. Do I understand correctly that I don't need to reinstall the MB that I downloaded and installed 2 days ago, just Register it by entering the ID and key, i.e. the free version is the same as the bought version, just not registered. On the assumption that it would interfere with Kaspersky I had not intended to run the MB Protection, just run MB scans regularly and frequently. Are these concern unfounded ? Should I be running both in Protection mode ?
  6. Here's a success for MB. My Internet Explorer 8 stopped working and I spent ages trying to find out why. Two successive deep scans with Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 with updated databases failed to reveal problems. In the end, on a tip I ran the free version of MalwareBytes Quick Scan and it immediately flagged 32 items of scum, all related to something called Relevant Knowledge. I allowed MB to delete them and IE started running normally again. I'm buying MB today.
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