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  1. Finally - some good news from exile360
  2. Well, I still haven't had to remove anything with the very latest build but with the previous ones I am sure.
  3. At least the country, please ? Move to Bulgaria , you can work online, it is well situated for malware, the taxes are very cheap (a lot cheaper than other countries) , people will work for less $, we love you, want more reasons
  4. If they make this, I will probably dump it for personal use. MBAM is preffered because of the way it is now - simple, still not very big and able to work with antivirus. MBAM is not a security suite and I wouldn't prefer its bells and whistles, I want it and like it the way it is now. Definitely NO for me.
  5. Currently MBAM requires a reboot for everything, even for a simple thing that is not used nor have ever been loaded. It wasn't like that before.
  6. As for real time protection, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware only scan upon file access/start while Avira scans upon file create. If it happens to be something that both detect, AVIRA will be the first one to catch it, MBAM won't cause problems.
  7. Can we know the city and address of the new European office ?
  8. I don't think MBAM should invest time, money and efforts for Mac/Linux versions because malware doesn't affect Mac/Linux the way Windows OS is affected. Malware for alternative OS is so rare (compared to the one for Windows) that it doesn't deserve the time and efforts.
  9. Although I have once in the past assumed this, I was a bit shocked when I saw this earlier today. I am not shocked about the detection of svchost.exe file (no matter the file) in different location rather than the one it should be, but I am shocked about the whitelisting by filename only. Wilderssecurity has even deeper thread re. this. Whitelisting this way should be avoided, it is quite unprofessional, IMO. It is dangerous and might be expoited by malicious code authors who have read these topics.
  10. Hello! I think AVIRA has made very bad decision going with Ask toolbar. It is a toolbar, unwanted extension. Additionally, I myself noticed the overall performance going down with SP2. I would suggest you remove AVIRA and consider another antivirus software.
  11. Excuse me for going off-topic but I would do it since the OP's question has been answered. Norton is getting bloatware. It is extremely big compared to some other products such as AVIRA's or ESET's for example, and doesn't offer so much more protection. I can't afford my computer to be slowed down because Norton is so big. Have a look at version 2011 and now 2012 - so many unnecessary pictures, so many unneeded functions, so big definitions, it is awful. Compare versions 2009 and 2012 and you'll see how many new extra stuff is there, how bigger 2012 is. There are many things I do NOT want on m
  12. Has this computer ever had Norton/Symantec product installed ? Can you go to www.virustotal.com and upload this file for analysis: c:\windows\system32\navlogon.dll Please, let me know the results afterwards. In the mean time open Kaspersky's firewall settings and make sure Kaspersky doesn't block any MBAM files to access the internet. You can see some instructions here: http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2010/firewall?qid=208280574 Note that the instructions are for blocking, we need to allow access for MBAM. If this doesn't help: try to boot in Safe Mode with Networking , start MBAM and attemp u
  13. Hello. Ever since I updated to the new version (with PRO trial running) , I have problems - CPU goes high to 50-70%. This is on my Windows 7 SP1 laptop. The guilty processes are svchost.exe or crcss.exe The fan goes on and on... It happens from time to time. Strange is that as soon as I uninstall MBAM with mbam-clean.exe and reboot the problem goes away. Tried it for 2-3 hours. As soon as I restore MBAM and activate the trial the problem comes back. I use NOD32 v4.2 with no exceptions for MBAM but tried to add exceptptions+ save + reboot and the problem doesn't go away. The problem is noticab
  14. There is an annoying bug in 1.51 final while the program is started in Bulgarian - the text is unreadable here: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/683/91198719.png/ It is OK in English , it is in Settings -> Updater settings
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