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  1. No problem for me. Remember, this is the free version so it is only running when I scan. It is now turned on.
  2. To be clear, you want me to turn on mbamservice.log with the Event Data Log enabled or wait or what? Sorry.
  3. Reinstalled, rebooted no change to the version, it is 3.0.5. Ran a scan and it ran just fine. This all is so odd. I guess I just wait and see.
  4. Sure I'll reinstall.
  5. There is no malwarebytes folder in Program Data. I am sorry. Avira very likely did install updates, it is set to update 5 times a day. I have never used Safe Mode on this computer.
  6. Based on the fact that I have received no response from anyone in charge here at this forum in five days I have unstalled Malwarebytes' and shall forget about using it. There is are major problems with this new version and those in charge don't want to help those of us who have been very loyal users almost since day 1. I always bragged about this forum and how rapidly one could expect assistance. Not any more.
  7. Here are the two Farbar Recovery Scan Tool logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. No way would I ever do that. 3.0.5 has some issues too. People having trouble trying to install over the top of 3.0.4, not updating after install. Just not a good idea to install a version that is not yet fully ready on top of a version that is also not fully ready. My issue is not one of those listed as an issue. I am following the instructions given in Report an Issue as suggested by IPW. I know how to run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool but I don't know what is meant by Log Set 1. Additionally, attach (do not compress/copy/paste) the separate FRST.txt and the Addition.txt output diagnostic reports from only Log Set 1. logs.zip
  9. Malwarebytes 3.0.4 Free version has ceased to work. When I open the program I get the attached alert. I hit close program button and it "Looks" like it has closed but it does not. The Tray Icon is still there, MBAMService continues to run and I then keep receiving MBAM Updates are Not Current alerts. Please note that in the upper left corner it says Malwarebytes Free 3.0.0. I installed 3.0.4 but since I cannot get the program to open I have no way of checking the actual version number. I NEVER had version 3.0.0 that I know of. I have to manually close out everything for it to stop. There have been NO changes to the computer whatsoever. You know I have defended this update to numerous people and have read here many people say it has been rolled out too fast. Well I now am siding with those people. This is ludicrous. So, what should I do??? EDIT: I just found a copy of a print screen I did for a friend 3 days ago. Note the version number.
  10. Thanks! For the explanation. Kind of surprised me there. You are running the Premium version so your files do naturally run all the time. I have Free version and mine are not supposed to run but they do if I close the program as I have done with all previous versions. I never had anything running in the past without my knowledge by using the ""X" . Hence the question. A quick solution certainly would be a very visible notation of that fact for sure.
  11. Oh, so you actually are saying you are "beating the system" by reusing an image each time the Premium Trial Expires?
  12. You running Free or Premium? Free isn't supposed to have anything running unless the full program is open. Previous version, I closed with the X and had nothing running after it closed. Not so with this new one. That is why I asked the question. We each have our preferences of course.
  13. Be sure to tell them that it is the default Windows 10 Fast Startup that IS the cause. If Fast Startup is disabled then the issue absolutely does not happen, at least for me anyway. I have two Windows 7 computers and this did NOT happen. I could not turn the program off using "X", the icon and service continue to run, but the service did NOT restart when the computer was rebooted or shutdown and powered up. So the problem IS with Fast Startup enabled on Windows 10. But still would like it if we could "X" the program out and have it totally shut down as it has done with all other previous versions. I've spoken to quite a few users of the new version and virtually all have complained that these two items continue to run even if you have "X" ed the program out. I've seen complaints also on several other forums too.
  14. Took a bit I know but I have definitely found the answer! I did as you asked, turn the setting on, and turn it off. Close MBAM using X, Reboot computer and see if service starts. Of course doing this left Both Program Icon still running and Service also running. I went to Start button and chose Restart computer to see if service started and it did NOT. I decided I had better test once more to see if that had fixed it for sure. So again, I turn the setting on, and turn it off. Close MBAM using X. Reboot computer and see if service starts. But this time I just hit Start, Shutdown. Then of course I had to hit Power button to turn computer back on. It came back on and...MBAMService WAS running! Failure? But then I remembered that I had Windows 10 Fast Startup enabled, which is the default setting and I had never changed it. But I know that using this is very similar to using hibernation, after hit the Shut down that Windows then saves the current system state to the hibernation file, and turns off the computer. So...turning it back on loads many processes and drivers faster and of course when it "shut down" the MBAMService was running to when powered back up that MBAMService will also power up too. If that Fast Startup is enabled then hitting Shut Down will trigger that, but using Restart actually turns EVERYTHING off and then immediately turns it all back on. This is why when getting Windows Updates on Windows 10 the instructions say Restart the computer, not shutdown/reboot. So I disabled Fast Startup, opened MBAM, "X"ed it out, leaving the tray Icon still there and of course MBAMService still running. I then shut down the computer, then I powered it back up and...Success! NO MBAMService running. So that was the reason it was coming back on. That problem is solved. I would though hope there is a chance that "X"ing out of the program will someday turn everything off. I am not using the "X" to close it since it doesn't really closed it, but it would be nice if that could be enabled as it was in previous versions.
  15. Be right back.