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  1. It has been two weeks, October 2nd, since I received the following message as shown above But we now are waiting for him to add is the ability to run it from Windows PE.Perhaps continually "adding to" is part of the problem. I just know that when it was just a super cleaner things worked great, now it must be all things to all people and it doesn't work great and has not since version 7 was released. Very sad to me anyway. Thanks.
  2. Obviously now you do not care about the average every day user but instead are concentrating on professionals to use when they repair computers. Too bad. It was an excellent tool, highly recommended to the "average Joe" for cleaning their computers on computer help forums. Now you are just leaving those folks high and dry. You seem to feel that the six or seven people who have posted here show that very few have this problem. Most of the people I know don't even know this forum exists. I have seen the same problem posted at many online forums not just the three I frequent on a regular basis.
  3. I'm very well aware of what was in the logs, and since this thread is many weeks old, the computer has been manually cleaned. The problem lies with AdwCleaner and now how often it is updated. In the past when it was still under control of the original developer, Xplode, if there was a problem with the program it was very quickly fixed usually within in hours or just a few days but the version with the problem was pulled until fixed. Now even if it is known the program has a problem it is still allowed to go out to people anyway. Based on mine and many other threads, at least six or seven, this problem has been known almost since the day of release of this version but the answer remains, "it will be repaired with the new version, 7.1". If you know the program has a problem then either pull it or fix it.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion but this was done 10 days ago and wile it did some cleaning it did NOT remove items that AdwCleaner would not clean.
  5. If you had read my post from Monday, Oct. 2nd above you would see that the Debug mode has been used. I offered to post the log but was never told to post it. It did nothing.
  6. It sure would be nice if this could finally be fixed. It appears these problems with AdwCleaner and PUP.Optional.Legacy and PUP.Optional.AdvancedSystemCare listings have been going on since the release of v. 7. I for one have been helping to clean a computer for over a week and it shouldn't be returned to the owner because AdwCleaner will not work and the listings are still there, despite continued promises that this will be fixed in the next update. The owner of the computer is leaving town and needs the computer so now it will be returned to her still infected because AdwCleaner doesn't work and no other program is available to fix it. I liked AdwCleaner much better before it was sold and maintained by the creator.
  7. I really hope all will be fixed. I help with malware removal on a couple forums and work on friends and family computers all the time. AdwCleaner has been in my "arsenal" for years and had not once given a problem. I will keep my fingers crossed. I do have the Debug log if you would want it.
  8. Thanks for the reply. This is the Free version so will not be using it anymore. It would never go to clean period if all items found were checked for cleaning. We even tried a suggestion given on the toolslib forum which was to uncheck all findings in the Registry and then have it clean everything else, while this worked for a few of the posters there it did not work for us either. The only way to get it to go all the way through the clean process was uncheck everything found, which of course is pointless. So we will no longer use AdwCleaner. Too bad, it used to be an excellent program but have had multiple issues with various versions since the change of ownership.
  9. I am helping a friend with an infected computer. We are in different states so this is all being done via email. But he has successfully run MBA-M and here is the log: MBA-M.txt He then attempted to run AdwCleaner but kept getting this attached message: and the program would stop. The only way he got a full run was to boot to safe mode and run but even then, after hitting the Clean button it would not clean, only scan, shut down and then produce that log. In case the program was damaged in some way by the infected files I had him uninstall that copy of AdwCleaner and download a new one but he still had the same message as shown in the attachment and had to boot to safe to even run the program, but it still did not clean. I am also attaching both the AdwCleaner logs but at this point we have no idea how to continue. AdwCleaner 1.txt AdwCleaner 2.txt
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