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  1. Thank you so much for your rapid response.
  2. This web site https://www.dollargeneral.com/ loads only text when Malwarebytes' Browser Guard is enabled. In order to go through the web site to see coupons, weekly ad, etc. we have to turn off Malwarebytes' Browser Guard. We did take many steps before determining that it was indeed the extension causing the problem. We checked to be sure it was not listed in the hosts file, it was not. We did a hard refresh of the browser to clear the cache, made no difference. We reset the browser settings, nothing. We finally turned off Malwarebytes' Browser Guard since it was the last extension added and then the page loaded correctly. We like the browser guard but if we cannot visit all of the pages on websites we visit then we will have to remove it. This also happens on Firefox and EDGE browsers.
  3. I have used Spywareblaster for many years, on numerous computers and have never had a problem downloading or installing but this time, partially due to Malwarebytes' Browser Guard. I had difficulty getting first to the download page at https://www.brightfort.net/downloads/spywareblastersetup56.exe I did choose to go to the site anyway as instructed but thought I should let you know that site is being blocked. There are two options for download, one is the home site of SpywareBlaster, which is the blocked Brightfort and the other is Majorgeeks which is not.
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