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  1. Is it a security risk running older versions of software ? It is a media player btw. VLC Player. Reason is it is the only way a certain iOS app will work correctly by using a older version of VLC Player God dawn developers haven't updated the iOS app in 6 months all emails remain with no reply.
  2. Windows Firewall Control that Malawarebytes just acquired. Will the updates be available for people who paid $10 before hand for it forever ? That or only free for a short time and we will have to rebuy it ?
  3. Talking about the Macrium Reflect issue. I forgot exactly what it was but will try to find the thread. Sorry. I will find it though.
  4. Sorry if this is not the right forum please move if so. Though I am asking why has Malwarebytes went downhill so much ? It use to be so good! Been forced to use something else won't say what unless I am allowed to. I still wait for Malwarebytes to improve again so I can use it.
  5. Yes. The email has a Ticket or Case Number in the subject that I didn't copy over. Do ISPs really know security though and is it possible it could be a false positive? If not how can I tell what computer my network has this Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot?
  6. Well my ISP said it was a legitimate email. My problem is knowing if Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot can go into computer hardware somehow? Routers? Or is that not possible ? I ran Malwarebytes Pro and it didn't find Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot. Does that mean I am safe ?
  7. "Dear Subscriber, (My ISP) has identified that one or more of the computers behind your cable modem are likely infected with the Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot. While this malicious software is not new, it still poses a great risk to your computer and files that reside on your hard drive. Zeus malware uses keylogging in order to access user names and passwords and infected over 13 million computers worldwide." This is not the whole email the other part goes into how to scan my pc for it. My question is why can't I find it on any of my computers ? The Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot I mean. If I am infected. Should I trust this email ? I asked my ISP if it was a email from them and they said yes. Can this Zeus Trojan/bot, also known as Zbot infect a iPhone or iPad ? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Not exactly. I redid my whole system for the heck of it. No I do not.
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