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  1. Years ago, MS abandoned parts of WSE. We used to use Windows Live Mail. Surprised that the virus protection part still works. In any event, support for it supposedly end for individual users in a few weeks. For corporate users with paid licenses, still up in the air, it seems. https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/18614/windows-essentials. And then there are reports that MS might not end MSE updates?? But regardless, life is near end. https://www.techradar.com/news/microsoft-is-killing-off-windows-7-but-microsoft-security-essentials-lives-on I look after a neighbors computer - he is 93. We decided to leave him on Win7 with MWB Premium as only protection. He has outlived his Windows 7 box!
  2. This thread seems to be developing a life of it's own Good advice. I have been around this stuff from Day 1. Never have had a virus on any of our computers. On Win7, I originally had WSE plus MWB but since MS dropped WSE support and MWB was upgraded, I have just used MWB Premium. (never did use Defender on Win7). On browser, I do use Ublock Origin instead of Adblock+. When dodgy emails appear, I always look at the source using CTRL U on Thunderbird. Usually easy enought to see from headers when it should be deleted. Anyway, we are off subject. My main concern was that Windows 10 upgrade from Windows does not transfer MWB licence seamlessly. And that it seems tied to one OS rather than the computer. Will have to get to that eventually if I start using win10 as main OS.
  3. Ok thanks. Will likely continue using Win7 as main OS for now along with MWB. I have other issues with Win10 that I will work on when I can. Not sure how Defender compares with MWB, but at least there will be some protection.
  4. I checked the dpi settings. I had a while back increased the setting from 150% to 157%. Had a reason at the time, but can't recall why. At 150%, the MWB screen is less than 1/2 the width of my screen. At 157% it is almost the full width and the top and bottom are cut off. Other program windows seem to scale proportionally. Something about MWB window sizing?
  5. Thanks for the speedy reply. When I did the upgrade, I did it without my backup Win 7 in the computer. So basically, the upgrade did not install a licensed version of MWB. I imagine many users will have this problem when doing a Win 7 upgrade. Right now, the W10 upgrade has also messed up my document files - There seem to be multiple versions of the same files in different places. That is not a MWB issue but I can only spend so much time at this. I am likely to just go back to using Win7. I may eventually have to do a clean Win10 install, but I suppose that will also likely create a MWB license issue. Regarding the MWB screen size issue. I see that this now also occurs in Windows 7. It never used to. I will try the DPI etc, but that should not be necessary - everything else works normally. The screen doesn't fit and cannot be dragged from edges or corners to make smaller. Maximizing, if possible would only resulyt in more being cut off. This is a 1980x1080 laptop screen.
  6. Today, I did an upgrade to Win10 from Win7 (not a clean install) I have the Premium lifetime version of MWB. MWB is there, but license is not activated. When I open MWB, the screen that comes up is too large - top and bottom are cut off. What I can see says that nothing is activated. My windows 7 backup is on same computer, but it is not running. I tried going back to it (dual booting) and MWB is functioning there. How do I get MWB to be functional on Win10?
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