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  1. My program, Vistumbler (vistumbler.net) is being detected by malwarebytes and I would to get it removed. my program is a open source wireless scanner written in autoit ( https://github.com/acalcutt/Vistumbler/tree/master/VistumblerMDB ). The files are compiled by me with the latest autoit and the exe files are signed with a digital signature. There are 3 versions of Vistumbler Vistumbler_v10-7.exe - ECA2ACE14102F623E1C2490257FB645611314C918E45A845AE7337CEFA6FFD01Vistumbler_v10-7.zip - 7CC806B74131BCCA5AE11EE81E39152DBC61F1477108FFDE7E416927C196DBA0Vistumbler_v10-7_Portable.zip - F729
  2. Thanks again, that did work. I'm glad this was caught before it was distributed to all faculty though SMS :-)
  3. Ok, moving the file into a folder wouldn't be a problem if that is the only reason. Thanks Also, on your other comment, the program just gives a message box with a reminder of our policy when a usb drive is plugged into the computer. (see the image below) Thanks for your help -Andrew
  4. here is the log you requested mbam_log_2008_12_11__12_12_17_.txt mbam_log_2008_12_11__12_12_17_.txt
  5. I had tried to attach it originally but i forgot to hit upload before i hit submit. Then I lost access to the site for a few minutes. UsbDriveMonitor.zip UsbDriveMonitor.zip
  6. A program I created for our campus faculty computers is being flagged as Trojan.FakeAlert. The purpose of the script is to prompt a policy reminder when a users plugs in a usb thumbdrive (or equivilent). The program is based off the code here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=42580 The program is attached. autoit source code is included
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