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  1. My program, Vistumbler (vistumbler.net) is being detected by malwarebytes and I would to get it removed. my program is a open source wireless scanner written in autoit ( https://github.com/acalcutt/Vistumbler/tree/master/VistumblerMDB ). The files are compiled by me with the latest autoit and the exe files are signed with a digital signature. There are 3 versions of Vistumbler Vistumbler_v10-7.exe - ECA2ACE14102F623E1C2490257FB645611314C918E45A845AE7337CEFA6FFD01Vistumbler_v10-7.zip - 7CC806B74131BCCA5AE11EE81E39152DBC61F1477108FFDE7E416927C196DBA0Vistumbler_v10-7_Portable.zip - F729B9BBAEADFF288D78655B996102CC4274CB2D5527F58A1464EEF3BE9D636C the non portable zip is just vistumbler with default settings (storing data in your profile temp directory and documents folder) the exe file is just the zip file packed into an installer with NSIS ( https://nsis.sourceforge.io/Main_Page ). It is an installer, so it writes uninstall information to the registry. the portable version has different settings which cause temp files and save files to be stored inside the same directory as the program (better for portable use) instead of inside your windows profile. If you have any questions let me know. I don't use malwarebytes (not since I worked removing viruses years ago) but I am getting complaints from users about false detections. I have had to submit false positve reports to several vendors and been removed from them, so I hope this can get straitened out with malwarebytes too.
  2. Thanks again, that did work. I'm glad this was caught before it was distributed to all faculty though SMS :-)
  3. Ok, moving the file into a folder wouldn't be a problem if that is the only reason. Thanks Also, on your other comment, the program just gives a message box with a reminder of our policy when a usb drive is plugged into the computer. (see the image below) Thanks for your help -Andrew
  4. here is the log you requested mbam_log_2008_12_11__12_12_17_.txt mbam_log_2008_12_11__12_12_17_.txt
  5. I had tried to attach it originally but i forgot to hit upload before i hit submit. Then I lost access to the site for a few minutes. UsbDriveMonitor.zip UsbDriveMonitor.zip
  6. A program I created for our campus faculty computers is being flagged as Trojan.FakeAlert. The purpose of the script is to prompt a policy reminder when a users plugs in a usb thumbdrive (or equivilent). The program is based off the code here: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=42580 The program is attached. autoit source code is included
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