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  1. Point #1 - The Tech License Not an issue for this plug-in. For all intensive purposes, it is intended to be put on a BartPE installation. How it is used... well the author will have to address those on a case by case basis, I suppose. No disrespect intended to the author, BTW. Point #2 - Completely useless? While you do not have the registry scan capability, used in combination with a virusscan utility, this has saved me trouble on my computer. The fact of the matter is after I ran this on my computer that would not run MalwareBytes, I was able to successfully able to run it under XP afterward. Does is have full function under PE? Likely not. No argument there. To say there is a complete waste of time? No, it certainly is not. To those that have been rude in trying to make a point of this, get over it. To those that were not rude about it, thank you for your perspective. Point #3 - @Skeeter Feel free to send me a private message with a way to contact you. I will assist you to see what is going on with the plug-in. It does not appear that this will be the place for further discussion. Once we resolve the issue, we can update the plug-in or give clearer instructions.
  2. @Skeeter... Sorry, I have been offline for a bit. Are you running XPE? If not, that may be key.
  3. In the instructions I provide, those drivers are covered for the plug-in and ensuring they are placed where they should be. Without those, I found that the program did not work as it should as you pointed out. I follow what you say about processes running in memory not able to be detected in safe mode or via PE environments, however. My advise is never rely on a single product. I love AntiMalware, else I would not have taken the time to create this. I recently had a laptop come in that prevented AntiMalware and McAfee from running. I performed a scan with AntiMalware and again with McAfee (both from PE). Once I rebooted, I repeated the process in a normal Windows environment. AntiMalware found no infections. McAfee found only remnants of infections that were not running in memory. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. This was made for myself. I saw there was this post looking for a way to do it so I shared it. What drivers are you refering to and how would functionality be lost? Not meaning to be defensive, but rather curious since I have not seen anyone post these comments until now.
  5. I have created what seems to be a working plug-in for Anti-Malware. Here goes... Note the following is based on version 1.31... 1. Install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware on your PC. 2. Follow the instructions given in the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.htm file included in plug-in folder. Please note that I needed this and threw it together yesterday after searching for one that had already been created. By all means, give feedback if something does not work right or even if it works as wished. While I am not in a position to support this, I will fix what needs to be fixed. This may be distributed on other sites without the need to ask permission. MalwareBytes_Anti_Malware.zip MalwareBytes_Anti_Malware.zip
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