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  1. I am using the mentioned new program. I have found that it regards Java updates as "exploits" and blocks them. Adding Java to the list under shields doesn't work. It's there, but the program keeps on blocking Java updates. What can I do to get it to accept Java updates?
  2. My antivirus isn't what found the trojans; as I said, Malwarebytes actually found the two trojans, which were located in Malwarebytes' files. So it wasn't a "false positive," it was something that Malwarebytes found.
  3. I just recently downloaded Malwarebytes. I used it before and had just reformatted my computer. Then on the same day I installed Malwarebytes, it found two different but similar backdoor trojans - both of which were in files in Malwarebytes. So I tried removing them using the program, but it wouldn't do it. Then I ran my antivirus and it found one of the trojans, again stating that it was within a Malwarebytes file. I couldn't run System Restore, so I simply uninstalled Malwarebytes. This apparently removed the two trojans. I like using Malwarebytes, as it has found some other infections before, and I want the Malwarebytes people to know that I had to uninstall the program to remove the two trojans that it found. This was not a false positive; the two trojans were backdoor ones, with names.
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