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  1. I just went thru having to uninstall/reinstall a clean v1.37 of the pro version. The protection module wouldn't start at boot. Can you change the software to give us the option to either minimize the window and/or reboot later? I have to answer questions from more than just the av on here. I have zonealarm pro that complains about system changes, along with StartUp Monitor. The update window hid StartUp Monitor from asking whether I should allow that start up. It rebooted without that permission. I can't update without a firewall running to protect me while I'm on the net. Please give us a
  2. The problem was solved quickly. The support seems to be good. I'd say malwarebytes' reputation is intact.
  3. I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'an insane detection rate'. A little relaxation here, plz. That sounds er..a bit much. The app has a good rep all over the net. As well, the failure was reported all over the net. I don't think it was too much to ask for more testing, since it obviously needed it. But it's your app, not mine. I just licensed it. It's yours, not mine. Do as you will. I'll keep using it now that it's fixed and keep recommending it. As long as you test it more now.
  4. Ok. Everything seems normal again. I didn't have to uninstall/reinstall. Did you people learn your lesson now? You test it before you release it. You'll lose customers if you don't.
  5. I have data base 1487. I'll repost what it does after a reboot.
  6. I use the pro version, when I updated yesterday and rebooted, anti-malware complained about nearly everything being 'Trojan-Vundo'. We need this fixed right away.
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