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  1. Thanks. As I mentioned, I don't have MalwareBytes installed (which is the problem), so there is nothing to repair.
  2. I have been running MalwareBytes Free for almost 2 months. Today, I tried to update the virus definitions, and was told that MalwareBytes needed to restart. In the process, I got an installation window, so I assumed that it was talking about new definitions. I think now, however, that it was reinstalling MalwareBytes, for some reason. I let it do its thing, and I can't recall whether it was at that stage where I had to restart the computer as well. I eventually was given the message in the subject line. Obviously something went wrong, so I uninstalled MalwareBytes, downloaded the most recent installer, and attempted a clean install. I got the same message, and the this time, MalwareBytes was not in the Add/Remove list of applications. The following page talks about this error message, but the solution is to use a repair tool. As I don't have MalwareBytes installed, there is nothing to repair. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/254260-an-error-has-occurred-and-malwarebytes-will-not-install-on-your-computer/?tab=comments What should I try next? I am on Windows 10. Thanks.
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