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  1. Thanks. As I mentioned, I don't have MalwareBytes installed (which is the problem), so there is nothing to repair.
  2. I have been running MalwareBytes Free for almost 2 months. Today, I tried to update the virus definitions, and was told that MalwareBytes needed to restart. In the process, I got an installation window, so I assumed that it was talking about new definitions. I think now, however, that it was reinstalling MalwareBytes, for some reason. I let it do its thing, and I can't recall whether it was at that stage where I had to restart the computer as well. I eventually was given the message in the subject line. Obviously something went wrong, so I uninstalled MalwareBytes, downloaded the mos
  3. Actually, it went pretty quick today. If you don't mind, I'd like to put off diagnostics until it recurs.
  4. I tried to update my virus definitions today, and it took much longer than usual. It also took 3 tries. At first, I started the upadte, noticed it's incredible slowness, then left it running as I used other apps. Then I noticed that the MalwareBytes window was gone. So I restarted it, let it do its thing, and well into it's update, a message popped up in the notification area warning that the virus definitions were out of date. So I went to the MalwareBytes window and saw that the update was not running, and there was a yellow warning symbol saying that the updates were old. I restarted
  5. Hmmm, interesting. I remember MalwareBytes taking a long time for scan of the entire system, but I can't verify that now. Thanks for the info, Ron.
  6. Ron, I appreciate the advice to date. Before I pursued this any further, I was wondering if you can comment on the question of whether the new MalwareBytes can be expected to take signficantly less time to scan compared to a full scan of the C drive for the old MalwareBytes? I'm intending this question to be general rather than what could be wrong with my specific computer. I typically scan with MalwareBytes, Spybot S&D, and Microsoft Security Essentials, so I'm somewhat confident that I don't have particularly nasty stuff on my computer. I'm more interested on how to calibrate my expe
  7. Hello, Thanks for the instructions. The files are attached. I ran mbam-check and FRST64 before turning on detection of rootkits. Please note that there is one detail which I did not adhere to: I left PUP at the default of warning the user. I wanted to first ask what the risk was of doing damage. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt mbam-log-2014-08-24 (22-13-25).txt
  8. I am examining http://www.malwarebytes.org/support/guides/mbam I have Applications Logs but not Daily logs. For Applications Logs, there does not seem to be the ability to export to text file. Is there a decent way to upload these?
  9. Thanks, that does indeed inform. However, I chose to scan the entire C drive, but it still only takes a fraction of the time it use to. Has something fundamentally changed with this new version?
  10. I upgraded to MalwareBytes (Free) yesterday. It' version, snazzy new look. I think (but can't verify anymore) that I could choose a full scan that would take forever. Now there doesn't seem to be anything to distinguish a full scan from whatever a non-full scan is. A scan simply takes mere minutes. What has changed? Is this scan as thorough?
  11. Daledoc1, Firefox, Noknojon, Thanks for the added information. I think the problem was that I was confused by the majorgeeks page. But I got it figured out now. I have to choose one of the Download@MajorGeeks links (and they are in fact links) even though I'm already at the MajorGeeks website. After realizing that, things went smoothly. Thanks again.
  12. Daledoc1, Firefox [ really??? ], I've tried those steps. I perhaps didn't describe them as well as I could have in my original post, but I did them a number of times in the past. At the current time, I'm just trying to find which button is the actual button to download the free version of malwarebytes (or the single install executable from which you can choose the free version). As I described, the current redirection is to majorgeeks (presumably a mirror), and I don't find it obvious which button actually fetches the install executable. Thanks.
  13. For the longest time, I've been getting notices that my trial has expired, even though I ensured that I installed only the free version. I reinstalled once, but to no avail. Also tried clicking the message and choosing the end the unwanted trial, but no effect. Recently, after seeing the same message many times, I decided to give it one more go. Uninstalled Malwarebytes and also ran the cleaner (and rebooted). Now I'm having trouble finding MalwareBytes free. The site http://www.malwarebytes.org/products/malwarebytes_free directs me to a majorgeeks page, but there is no button that look
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