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  1. Wow! I've just been told by "Blizzard Tech Support" that a problem I had was "most probably" caused because my account had been compromised because of a Keylogger running on one my PCs. How would a "Legitimate Keylogger" find it's way into my PC. The only people with physical access to the PCs are myself and my wife (and she needs help using email and facebook). I think what they said is a bunch of Bullhockey and an effort to promote sales of their Authentication device. I am at this moment running a full scall of Malware bytes on both of the possible PC's in question. But I was really c
  2. Hi guys; I run Mbam about twice a month and my PC has checked clean for some time now. However after the most recent update I got a HIT on a program file I've been using for at least a couple of years now. So I think it's a Falsey. Here is the Log from the Deep Scan that I ran using the /developer option. Hope it's everything you might need - If not send me an email and I'll try and supply whatever is needed. I'm also attaching a Zipped copy of the File for any analysis you might care to do. If the file is NOT a false positive please let me know. Thanks ! Grenneam ONE LAST THING
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