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  1. Please disregard the post above. This morning I was able to discover and eradicate the pesky infection that had been plaguing me. Thank you
  2. A few hours ago for no apparent reason my laptop began moving slowly. In particular downloading and opening downloads takes a very long time. I have run my Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus, Adwcleaner, Microsoft MSERT Security check but to no avail. Could you kindly investigate this? My laptop is an Inspiron 5570 I am using Windows 10 and Chrome Browser. Thank you
  3. Exile360: Problem solved. I tried changing my default DNA again and Happy NEWS...It works. I appreciate your assistance and in the event the issue rears its ugly head again I will contact you. Thanks to you and Porthos.
  4. Following the instruction in the first article you suggested I changed my default DNS. I then attempted to entered the widget code again my WordPress Dashboard but upon applying it, I found that it still does not work on my humble blog. Thank you
  5. I had not previously disabled the Web Protection component in Malwarebytes. I just disabled the component and then tested the widget in question. Sad to say but it still does not work. I do not use AdGuard, Ghostery, Privacy Badger etc. I uninstalled Avast several months ago. In the OS ( C-Drive ) Program Files the Avast Software folder is “empty.” Avast Avast is not listed on my laptop as a Program, App or Feature. If there are components left I would need to know how to detect and remove the pesky remnants. If you have a secure method of accessing and diagnosing my lap
  6. You are correct. I do have Adblock. After this problem first arose I temporarily disabled but alas the widget still did not work. Per instructions from WordPress I attempted to use the widget on “Firefox” but again it failed to work. So I determined to seek assistance from the Masters of the Game here at Malwarebytes.
  7. Google Chrome is up to date Version 86.0.4240.111 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  8. Porthos: Thank you so much for such a prompt and professional response. What a great tool you have provided. Attached find the results you requested. Thank you, Lewis mbst-grab-results.zip
  9. I have a WordPress Blog. On this blog site recently a widget does not appear on my blog or at least not when I view my blog from my laptop. ( <div class="gfm-embed" data-url="https://www.gofundme.com/f/gh6a6x-carl-jung-depth-psychology/widget/large/"></div><script defer src="https://www.gofundme.com/static/js/embed.js"></script> from GoFundMe is not appearing on my Blog. ) The WordPress Support team tells me that: “The only other thing I can think might be happening (since the code works fine for us) is that you could have ad blocking software instal
  10. I just downloaded the trial version of Malwarebytes new Privacy application. I am having difficulty finding out what the cost is to subscribe to this service. Could someone please let me know? Thank you, Purrington
  11. I appreciate your prompt professional response. On one of the links you provided it says: [See Screen Shot] How do I modify WAC settings for Malwarebytes? To configure Malwarebytes Premium for Windows and its relationship with the Windows Action Center: Start from the Malwarebytes dashboard and then go to Settings > Application tab. Scroll down to the Windows Action Center section But when I go to “Settings,” no “Application Tab” appears on my screen as it does in the article. [See Screen Shot] Is the article outdated? Do I need to do something to “Modify WAC
  12. I have Malwarebytes Premium Antivirus. Armed with this, do I need any other Antivirus Software on my Laptop i.e. Avast Free Antivirus? Thank you Purrington
  13. I looked at the three links above. I am sorry but I do not possess the computer literacy to comprehend what they are saying sufficient a repair on my own without the guidance of a Computer Guru more knowledgeable than my humble self. Am I safe to assume that the FRST logs I sent you previously do not show any outstanding issues in need of repair? Thank you
  14. Attached find the FRST and Addition Reports you requested. When I go to "Check Updates" on my Laptop it shows the update in questions needs downloading [Image Attached] Addition.txt FRST.txt
  15. I followed your instructions and the Windows 10 Version that I have is: Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.6570 [See Image Attached] The closest download I could find is the second one from the top of the download list: 2020-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version for x64 based Systems (KB4551762) [See Image Attached] I hope this is the correct download. The Installation began quite well. [See Image Attached] But sadly the Installation Failed. [See Image Attached] What now? Thank you
  16. I have not tried to manually upload the update. I did not know that was possible. On the link you have provided there are numerous download options. Which of them should I use? Thank you
  17. I am having difficulty getting the Windows 10 update below to download and install on my laptop. 2020-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4551762) I have tried running “Troubleshooter” to no avail. I am using a DELL Inspiron 5579 x64 based Windows 10 Home I am wondering if my laptop might have a virus causing this difficulty. Could someone kindly advise me as to what a cure to this pesky issue might be? Thank you Thank you
  18. Oh, oh....I think for the moment that any belief that it should work properly since 8.0 has been released may be just a tad premature. Attached see this morning Adwcleaner log files using 8.0 released version. 000 Debug.txt 001 adwc.txt
  19. nasdaq: I appreciate your assistance. I would not have resolved this issue without your knowledge and willingness to help. Thank you, Lewis
  20. Rather than take any chances, I have deleted the extension. What should I do next. Thank you
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